Health Insurance Billing, Chapter 4 (4-12)

Reinforcement Exercises
Procedure Codes
name commonly used for ICD-9-CM Volume 3
Alphabetic Index
a listing of procedures, tests, operations, surgeries, and therapies
connecting words
subterms "as", "by", and "with"
Tabular List
towards the back of ICD-9-CM Volume 3 and has 18 chapters
three or four
ICD-9-CM procedure codes contain this many digits
code also
means that the use of special equipment must be coded
slated brackets
indicate that closely related procedures require two codes
omit code
this convention applies to the usual surgical approach of a given procedure
main terms
are bolded and flush left in Volume 3
body systems; organs
the Tabular List is predominantly organized by these
8 steps for selecting an ICD-9-CM procedure code
1. Identify the main term in the procedure statement
2. Locate the main term in the Alphabetic Index
3. Review the procedure statement for additional information about the main term
4. Review the subterms listed under the main term
5. Follow any cross-reference instructions, such as "code also"
6. Check the code listed in the Alphabetic Index with
the description in the Tabular List
7. Read and follow all inclusion, exclusion, and other instruction notes
8. Assign codes tot he highest level of specificity
Bilateral procedure codes are available for all surgeries?
Biopsy codes must be sequenced first?
Closed biopsies are often accomplished via endoscopy?
Incisions related to open biopsies are assigned a separate code?
Two codes may be necessary for bilateral procedures?
V codes are assigned to failed procedures?
Failed procedures are coded as completed procedures?
V codes may be assigned when a procedure is cancelled before it begins.
V codes must be assigned when a procedure is cancelled before it begins.