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Poin of View
the narrators view of the events of a literary work
First Person
the narrator is a character in the story,referred to as "I"
who the story is mostly about, the main character experiences the problem
the people (animals,things, etc...presented as people) appearing in a literary work
The problem in the story.
How the problem is solved.
The end of the story. The very last event that happens in the story.
Dynamic characters
experience some changes in personality,atitude,etc... during the course of the story.
static characters
remain the same from beginning to end
Characters are complex and have many sides.they often have unpredictable behavior because their personalities are fully devoloped.
uses quotation marks; it is when characters speak
the character that opposes the main character. He/she are in conflict with the protagonist.
when and where the story takes place
the lesson or moral learned
the action and events in the story
the beginning of the story where the characters and setting is introduced
rising action
follows the exposition, this is where the conflict is introduced
the turning point in the story, where the character learns the lesson and has a change
falling action
follows the climax, any events after the character changes
words, phrases, or actions that hint something is going to happen without revealing the story or spoiling the suspense.
a guess made based on what the text says, and your background knowledge
characters reveal only one personality trait. They are often stereotypes,and can be summed up in a few words(Ex. Bad/Good guy,lone ranger, etc...)
Internal Conflict
conflict within a character
External conflict
conflict between a character and an outside force
Third person limited
the narrator reveals the thoughts,feelings, and observations of one character
Thrid person omniscient
the narrator can describe the thoughts,feelings, and observations of any character, and can reveal information unknown to the characters
second person
the narrator rarely used, the narrator will narrarate directly to the reader as if he/she were a character in the story

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