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Muscle and Nervous Tissue Chap. 6


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Skeletal Muscle
1. voluntary
2. pull on bones or skin
3. long, cylindrical, multi-nucleated
4. Striations
Cardiac Muscle
1. found in the heart
2.has striation
3. branching cells that fit together
a. intercalated disks
b. contraction and impulse smooth
4. Involuntary
Smooth Muscle
1. no striation (spindle shaped)
2. walls of hollow organs-stomach, bladder, uterus, blood vessels
3. involuntary
4. contraction makes organs smaller
wavelike motion that keeps flow in one direction
Neuroglial (glial) cells
support neurons
Inflammation (swelling)
general non-specific response
replacement of original tissue type
replacement by dense connective tissue with lots of collagen (scar)