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Why does a flower wilt after it has been pollinated?

It wilts because it is not longer needed for the process of reproduction

What is the function of the guard cells?

To regulate the size of stomata

Which structure in the root increases the surface area for water absorption?

Root hairs

Which part of the flower is responsible for protecting the developing bud?


What structure allows angiosperms to reproduce on dry land?

Pollen grains do not require water for reproduction

When does pollination occur?

It occurs when the pollen grain lands on the stigma

What are the four parts of the pistil?

Stigma, Style, Ovary, Ovules

What are the four classes of gymnosperms?

Cycads, Ginkgoes, Gnetophytes, Conifers

What two parts make up the stamen?

Anther, Filament

Name all the parts of a flower.

petals, sepals, pistil, stamen

What is meant by a positive tropism?

It is the response by the plant toward the stimuli

What is the function of the spongy layer?

Its function is to store excess gases. Secondary site of photosynthesis.

What is the function of the cortex?

Store excess food and water

What is auxin?

It is a plant hormone that stimulates growth of new cells in the tips of the roots and stem

What is the function of the upper and lower epidermis?

The upper and lower epidermis protect the internal structures of the leaf

Which structure in the flower develops into the seeds?


What is the function of the phloem?

To carry food down the plat from the leaves

What is the function of the xylem?

To carry water and minerals up the plant from the roots

What is the name of the female part of the flower?


What is the function of the root hairs?

To increase the surface area of the root so it can absorb more water

What are the two types of cones found in gymnosperms?

male and female

Which type of vascular tissue makes up the bark?


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