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Football Basics


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How many players are on each team on the field?
11 players
What is the team that has possession of the ball and tries to score?
What is the team that tries to prevent the other from scoring?
How can the offensive team move the ball down the field?
By running with the ball or throwing it to another player
What does the quarterback do?
Hands it to another player, runs with it toward end zone, or throws its to another player closer to the end zone.
What is it called when the ball is passed but the defense catches it?
How does the offensive team score?
By getting the ball into the end zone, whether it's carried there or caught there.
What happens when the offensive team scores a touchdown?
The scoring team tries a two point conversion (a mini-play to earn 2 points)
What happens after the team has scored a touchdown and has tried to earn extra points?
The other team gets the ball.
How many quarters are in each game?
How does the first and second half of the game begin?
With a kickoff
How many yards does the offensive team have to get before the other team gets the ball?
10 yards
How many tries (downs) does a team have to get ten yards?
What happens if the offense successfully gets 10 yards?
They get a 1st down, basically 4 more downs to try for 10 more yards.
What happens if the offense doesn't get all 10 yards?
The other team gets the ball.
How does a play begin?
With a snap on the line of scrimmage
What does it mean when a quarter back is sacked?
He was tackled before he gets a chance to move the ball forward.