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Martin Van Buren, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, and James K Polk as presidents 2

What year did Michigan become a state?
What positions did Van Buren serve in prior to becoming president?
Secretary of State, Vice President, and close advisor, all to Andrew Jackson.
What caused the Panic of 1837?
Andrew Jackson's war on the second national bank.
The Panic of 1837 was the worst _____ ever in US history up to this point.
economic depression
What role did the state banks play in causing the Panic of 1837?
After regaining power from the national banks, the state banks became reckless and loaned out far more money than they had. This cause speculation in the West to increase and inflation of US currency.
What happened once the people wanted their money out of the state banks?
Since the banks had loaned out all of their money, they could not give everyone the money back. The economic depression deepened, businesses closed for lack of funds, and eventually, the state banks themselves closed for lack of support.
What did Martin Van Buren do in response to the crisis of the state banks?
He did not want the federal government to get too involved, as he was a strict constructionist, so all he did was move government funds from the state bank into an independent treasury.
What year did the Presbyterian Church split?
Who was Sojourner Truth?
She was a former slave who gave famous lectures across the country for the abolitionist cause. Her original name was Isabella, however, she escaped her owners at age 30 and changed her name to Sojourner Truth, staying with a Quaker family in the north.
Why the name "Sojourner Truth?"
To 'sojourn' is to stay in a place temporarily, as she did with the Quaker family. She also wanted to speak the "truth" about slavery.
Where did Sojourner Truth live as a slave?
New York
Who was John Deere?
A blacksmith in the midwest
What did he accomplish?
He created a light plow with a steel cutting edge for Midwest farms
Why was John Deere's invention good for Midwest farmers?
The plows at the time were designed for the lighter, dryer soil of other regions. This plow could easily cut through the heavy soil of the Midwest land.
What did the Cherokee do in response to the Indian Removal act?
They filed a case with the Supreme Court and won.
Why did their initial efforts fail?
The Cherokee did win their Supreme court case, but were ignored.
Which general forced the Cherokee to walk the Trail of Tears?
General Winfield Scott
Why did many Cherokees die along the Trail of Tears?
They were forced to march at little notice, with scarce supplies and no medications. 1/4th of the people on the march died.
Who invented photography?
Louis Daguerre
What was the Amistad?
A slave ship
What happened aboard the Amistad?
Some slaves rebelled, making the slave traders angry.
What was done about the rebellion of the Amistad?
The case was taken to the Supreme court, where John Quincy Adams successfully argued the case of the African Americans and they were immediately sent home.
What year was a 10 hour workday set up for federal employees?
Where did the Oregon trail run?
From Independence, Missouri, to the Oregon territory
Who were some of the first to travel the Oregon Trail?
Mainly missionaries, including the early Marcus and Narcissa Whitman. Their reports attracted other settlers.
Why did the travelers of the Oregon Trail cause conflict with Britain?
Oregon was a joint occupation between Britain and America, but America was basically taking over with the 100s of americans that flocked to the West.
Who formed the Whig party?
Opponents of Andrew Jackson, including Henry Clay and Daniel Webster.
Where do the Whig party get their name? Why did they name themselves after this?
Their namesake is a political party in Great Britain, which, at the time, was set up to oppose royal power. The Whig party felt that the president was gaining too much power and was going toward a monarchy, so they, too, saw themselves as opponents of royal power.
What did the Whig party believe about Congress?
They thought that Congress, not the president, represented the will of the people.
Why did the Whig party oppose the reelection of Martin Van Buren?
The Whig party believed that Martin Van Buren did practically nothing to solve the Panic of 1837, and therefore was unable to handle crises.
In the election of 1840, who was the candidate for the Whig party?
William Henry Harrison, with his vice president, John Tyler
In the election of 1840, who ran against Harrison?
Martin Van Buren, up for reelection.
Who won the election of 1840?
William Henry Harrison
How did John Tyler become president?
William Henry Harrison, the newly elected president, died in office after giving the longest ever inaguration speech in the cold without a coat and getting pneumonia. His vice president then took over.
What were the conditions for immigrants coming to America like?
Immigrants, being poor and often uneducated, had to go on the steerages (cheapest and dirtiest) of ships. Disease spread fast, and many died. The food was of low quality and sometimes contaminated.
What were some push factors for immigrants?
-overcrowding in Europe
-Irish potato famine
-german war
What were some pull factors for immigrants?
-cheap public land
-better economy
-social mobility
Immigrants greatly influenced the _____ of the US.
Give an example of immigrants who made a significant impact on the US.
Henry Lomb and John J Bausch, a pair of German immigrants, worked their way up to become the largest lens makers in the US at the time
What foods did the Germans bring to American culture?
Most notably, the hamburger and the frankfurter
By 1850, the Irish made up 1/4 of the population of ____,______,_____,and______.
Boston, New York, Philidelphia, and Baltimore
What did the sudden increase in population do to the cities?
The cities were unprepared to take so many new arrivals and crime, disease, and bad working conditions ensued.
What year was the world anti-slavery convention held in London?
Who were Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott?
Two famous fighters for womens' suffrage
When did Dorothea Dix begin to fight for the rights of the disabled and insane?
Who patented the stapler?
Sam Slocum
When was a 10 hour workday established for children under 12 in MA?