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In relations to mental preparedness to employ force, when personnel fear becoming the victim of close range aggression or may have concerns about inflicting injury or death, this fear can cause...
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What type of search is primarily used on suspects who do not appear dangerous violent or so drunk they cannot stand under their own powerStanding (D)When compared to deadly force non lethal force is subject to what file of standardSAME standards of objective reasonableness And totally (A)What is the level of force necessary to compel a subjects compliance and is neither likely nor intended to cause deathIntermediate use of force (D)What combative technique is used to protect your head from strikes while in the ready stanceComb blocks (C)His do you attain weapons retention during a rear mountBy rolling into your weapons side (WS) keeping holstered weapon pinned against the ground (D)To ensure the safety of the patrol officer and for legal precautions what should you do before placing suspect in a security forces vehicle for transportingSearch and frisk the suspect for weapons and contraband (C)What are the minimum requirements any time you are transporting a member of the opposite sex?Have an additional patrol officer as a passenger (A)To whom do you release civilians who commit a minor offense in areas with concurrent jurisdictionMilitary sponsor (B)What type of mandatory training is needed if you are armed with an expandable batonInitial and annual refresher (C)How long should a direct pepper spray burst at the subjects facial area last?1 Second (A)How many barbed projectiles (probes) does the electronic control device (ECD) neuromuscular incapacitation (NMI) System use when firedTwo (B)How do you read a grid map in order to find a grid coordinateFrom left to right, bottom to top (C)Which agency assumes lead responsibilities for terrorist and high risk incidents within us territoriesDepartment of justice (C)What must be established at each incident siteCordon and entry control point (A)How should you mark the boundary of mass parking and temporary restricted areasElevated markers (C)What type of search consists of searching all areas of a vehicle without disassembling any part of the vehicleSimple (A)What type of search consists of a much more detailed search and may often require partial or total disassembly of the vehicleComplete (C)What must the SF on scene commander (OSC) evaluate before making the decision on how to search an areaSituations terrain weather light and number of searchers availableWhich of the following is not a reason to make an entry without search authorityTo secure an unlocked door (A)When processing a crime scene when would you normally cover the body of a deceased person?After it has been fully processed for evidenceWhat are the two types of sketches normally made of the crime sceneRough and finished (C)What document establishes the rules of evidence for the militaryManual for courts martial (B)From whom must you obtain approval before disposing of crime scene evidenceStaff judge advocate (A)Which uniform code of military justice (UCMJ) article covers the wrongful use and possession of a controlled substanceArticle 112A (C)When dealing with controlled substances how is wrongfulness defined? An action done...Without legal justification or authorization (B)What agency has primary jurisdiction for series is child abuse or neglect involving infliction of serious bodily harmAir Force office of special investigations (AFOSI) (D)What form will be completed in all instances where an apprehension is madeAF Form 3545 (D)What is conducted during a domestic disputes violence call to assess the immediate danger to family member and need for medical assistance or protective custodyInterview (D)Which of the following is not one of the three types of child abuseMental Abuse (C)Child pornography and child prostitution are examples of what type of child abuseSexual (B)What type of child abuse is exemplified by not providing nourishment deprivation of necessities and not providing appropriate shelter or clothingNeglect (A)What are characteristics you can show at your initial contact with a sexual assault/Rape victim that can make a difference in the emotional state of the victim.Your tact and poise (A)What is defined as a threat or attempt to strike another whether successful or not provided the target is aware of the dangerAssault (C)What type of assault is punishable in all states as a felony and is committed when a defendant tends to do more than merely frighten the victimAggravated assault (A)What are the four phases of the judicial process in which you must brief all victims and witnesses on in the victim/witness protection program?Response investigation prosecution confinement (B)What type of crowd is identified as individuals or small groups with nothing in common to bind them togetherCasual (A)The use of the riot baton is based on whose appraisal of the situation and his or her choice of force optionCommander (C)Which riot control formation is used as an offensive formation to penetrate and split crowds into smaller groupsWedge (B)Which force protection (FP) measure is taken to render a threat or hazard incapable of interfering with AF operationsNegate (C)Which control authority is exercised through the subordinate joint force commanders of functional component commandersOperational control (OPCON) (C)Which type of lighting is a low illumination light used in nuclear restricted areas?Very near infared (VNIR) (D)How Many feet apart would you display restricted area signs along the restricted area boundaries100 feet (C)What type of force is required at all installations supporting protection level (PL) 1,2, or 3 resources?Security response team (SRT) (D)The letter E next to an unblocked number on a restricted area identify that an individual is authorized toEscort personnel into those restricted areas (B)What type of sentries controls the entry into aircraft when the aircraft is carrying specific protection level (PL) 1 assetsClose in sentry (CIS) (A)How often must the approving authority review all permanent security deviationsEvery year (C)What form is used to document security deviation and is submitted through commandAF Form 116 (A)At what level does the nuclear roadmap focus primarily on the stewardship of the nuclear missionOperational (C)What concept was designed to prevent a lone individual from having complete knowledge of the entire nuclear weapons launch functionSplit knowledge (D)In the case of a nuclear security system, three potential adversary groups of primary concern are criminals protesters andTerrorists (B)Which nuclear weapons facility is the largest storage facility for nuclear weapons in the worldKurt land underground munitions maintenance storage complex (KUMMSC,USA) (D)Vegetation in clear zones will not exceed how many inches in height inside restricted areas containing nuclear weapons storage facilities8 inches (C)Up to how many persons can be escorted inside an exclusion area per escort official6 (B)Who ensures that the host installation meets two person concept (TPC) requirements and no line zones are delineated around nuclear logistics aircraftCouriers (A)Only personnel certified through what program or the host nation equivalent at a weapons storage and security system (WS3) installations can be permitted unescorted entry into exclusion areas or can perform escort duties within exclusion areasNuclear weapons personnel reliability program (PRP) (C)(DCNI) What security team is routinely dispatched with a missile maintenance team provides security for a penetrated launch facility (LF) and establishes site securitySecurity escort team (SET) (D)What type of electronic sensor must consist of an approved balanced magnetic switch or other type of sensor capable of detecting intrusions at the openingPoint detection (A)Who can make a judgement on the reliability of each individual identified for personnel reliability program (PRP) dutiesCertifying officials (D)What are the two types of removal within the personnel reliability program (PRP)Suspension and decertification (C)What type of nuclear inspection assesses a units ability to accomplish its assigned nuclear weapons mission and produce reliable nuclear weapons in a safe and secure environment in complicated with applicable driversNuclear surety inspection (NSI) (B)Which term defined a designated area immediately surrounding on or more nuclear weapons and or systemsExclusion area (C)What community policing philosophy helps improve the overall quality of life in a neighborhoodGreater community voice in setting police priorities (D)Which crime prevention program allows some people to report their observations to police only when they know hey remain anonymousOperation crime stop (B)What does "Code three" indicate when security forces personnel are making an emergency responseUse of emergency lights and siren (C)How do you accomplish a double abreast position during high risk traffic stopBackup patrol vehicle parks parallel and to the right or left of the primary patrol vehicle (C)How should you position your vehicle at the scene of an accidentTo protect the scene and injured persons while not creating a traffic hazard (D)When directing traffic on a very narrow or one way street it is best for you to standOff to the side of the road (C)Speed measuring devices are used to control speed increase compliance with traffic laws andConduct speed studies (B)It is important that you receive official certification of your qualifications and training standards when training on speed measuring devices so the evidence is admissible...In both a civilian and military court (C)What shape is the radio wave energy transmitted by police traffic RADAR concentrated intoCone (A)Security forces personnel use the standard field sobriety Tests (SFST) approved by the..National highway traffic safety administration (NHTSA) (D)Prior to using any alcohol or chemical detection equipment you must advise the suspects...Of their right to speak to a lawyer (B)How long must you observe a person before collecting a breath specimen20 minutes (B)Once completed sho is given the second copy of the AF Form 52 Evidence tag?Person relinquishing possession of the property (A)What happens to the original copy of AF Form 75 vehicle/visitor pass once you have completed itIt is given to the individual (D)In how many copies is the AF Form 1109 visitor registration log preparedOne (A)How many sections does the AF Form 1168 statement suspect witness complainant have6 (B)On the reverse side of the AF Form 1176, authority to search and seize, or bond sheet of paper, you must write or type aProbable cause statement (B)A traffic incident is classified as a major traffic accident anytimeAn accident involves a fatality injury or property damage above the amount established by the installation commander (C)What must you do if during a search an individual withdraws a previous consent to searchTerminate search immediately (D)Who uses section VII administrative disposition of AF Form 3545 incident reportSecurity forces reports and Analyses (C)The AF Form 3907 security forces interview data is used to recordRoutine contact between security forces members and members of the public (C)DD Form 1408 armed forces traffic ticket is issued to someone whoCommits a moving of non moving traffic offense (D)What copy of DD Form 1408 armed traffic ticket is given to the violator of affixed to the violators vehicle if the vehicle is unattendedPink (B)Who is the only person authorized to void the DD Form 1805 United States district court violation noticeDefense force commander (D)Where on DD Form 1920 alcohol incident report would you annotate the results of a suspects blood alcohol chemical testSection iii standardization field sobriety testing (C)You use the DD Form 2708 receipt for pre trial post trial prisoner or detained person whenSecurity forces personnel are releasing an individual who has been detained or apprehended (B)What is the primary method for identifying observations and potential lessons identifiedAfter action report (A)Within how many days from the event it refers will an after action report be submitted30 (B)When you write a well written incident report that answers the six basic questions of who what when where why and how; this report fulfills the characteristics of being ...Complete (D)