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chapter 17

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What coefficients balance this equation? __ P4(s) + __H2(g) ---> __PH3 (g)
1,6, 4
What is the formula mass of sulfur dioxide, SO2?
About 64 amu
Which has the greatest number of atoms?
16 g of methane, CH4
How many molecules of aspirin (formula mass =180 amu) are there in a 0.250 g sample?
8.38 * 10^20
The yeast in bread dough feeds on sugar to produce carbon dioxide. Why does the dough ride faster in a warmer area?
There is a greater number of effective collisions among reacting molecules.
What can you deduce about the activation energy of a reaction that takes billions of years to go to completion? How about a reaction that takes only fractions of a second?
The slow reaction must have a high activation energy, while the fast reaction must have a low activation energy.
What role do CFCs play in the catalytic destruction of ozone?
CFC molecules migrate to the upper stratosphere where they generate chlorine atoms upon being destroyed by ultraviolet light.
In the synthesis of ozone, O3, from oxygen, O2, an example of an exothermic or endothermic reaction? Why?
endothermic, because ultraviolet light is absorbed during its formation
How much energy, in kilojoules, is released or absorbed from the reaction of 1 mole of nitrogen, N2, with 3 moles of molecular hydrogen, H2, to form 2 moles of ammonia, NH3?
+80 kJ/mol
How is it possible to cause an endothermic reaction to proceed when the reaction causes energy to become less dispersed?
The reaction should be heated.