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7th Grade Math Chapter 2


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the answer to a multiplication problem
the answer to a division problem
prime number
number that has only two factors, 1 and itself
composite number
number that has more than two different factors
whole number
a number that is greater than 0 and can be written without a decimal or fraction.
additive inverse
the opposite of a number. A number plus this number is always 0
two numbers with different signs, another name for zero pair.
zero pair
two numbers (oppsites) that add up to 0
absolute value
the distance a number is from zero, distance is always positive
the answer to an addition problem
the answer to a subtraction problem
least common denominator
The common multiple of the denominators (bottom) of two or more fractions that has the smallest value
common multiple
multiples that are the same
the result of multiplying a whole number by an integer
A number that can be written without a decimal or fraction
complex fraction
a fraction in which the numerator (top), the denominator (bottom), or both contain a fraction.
order of operations
the order calculations are carried out in a mathematical expression

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