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to leave

South Carolina

first state to secede

Stephen Douglas

Democratic Party

1860 Presidential Election

November 6,1860

Fort Sumter

the fort that was attacked off the coast of South Carolina

John Breckenridge and John Bell

the two remaining candidates running in the 1860 Presdential Election

Abe Lincoln

won the 1860 Presidential Election and represented the Republican party

The Confederate States of America

the country formed by several southern states who seceded and Jefferson Davis was the leader

Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia

the other 10 states that seceded from the Union

Lincoln's "House Divided Speech"

a primary source because it was written by Lincoln himself and shows a direct link to client

The meaning of "it" used in the "House Divided Speech"


What Lincoln means by the word "crisis"


"a house divided against itself cannot stand"

USA, the country will not survive if it is not strong

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