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Chapter 3
Computer Program
is a set of instructions or statements to the computer
Software Engineering
is designing, implementing and modifying instructions that operate the computer
Software Development Life Cyle (SDLC).
Five stages: requirements analysis, disgn, implementation, verification (testing), maintenance.
Maintenance Stage
Changes made to a software program after it has been released.
Understanding the ______ design for a software task is the first step in writing the program code.
Web Service
allows different applications from different sources to communicate with each other over the Internet.
Visual Basic.NET, C++, Perl
object-oriented programming language
Application Programming Interface (API)
Allows others besides the manufacturer to develop software to run on the system or device.
The use of ____ programming interface, along with a software kit, allows all levels of programmers to develop applications for various devices.
One useful feature of a code editor is its ability to _____ commands in a program.
productivity software, an operation system, utilities
A PC comes with all of the following:
Software that is mass-produced and distributed in large quantities for general use.
gives you a chance to "test drive" the product before purchasing it.
Contract software
A specific software program developed for a particular company or organization
value-added software vendor
A third-party software developer is sometimes called:
CRM (customer relationship management)
Small businesses can take advantage of _____ software in the cloud to keep track of their customers and everyday transactions.
SaaS (Software as a Service)
Salesforce.com is an example of this as applied to CRM.
This license defines the permissions, rights, and restrictins provided to the persoon who purchases a copy of a work.
Site License
can be used anywhere on a college compus.
Freeware examples
AVG Anti-Virus software, Adobe Reader, Thunderbird e-mail client
Open-source licenses
grants licensees the right to copy, modify, and redistribute source code.
Many in the open-source movement are opposed to ______ software, like that developed by Microsoft.
has gained popularity as an open-source operating system
Creative Commons
License designed to fill the gap between full copyright and public domain options for authors, artist, and educators.
Non-Commercial License
condition that lets others copy, distribute, display, and perform a work- and derivative works based upon it-but they are not allowed to charge money for it
When you combine a system's hardware configuration and operating system.
Stores the boot process instructions for startup
The boot process requires _____ storage since it is seldom changed.
Device Driver
Required to be installed on the computer in order for a printer to operate.
Application software
runs only on the operating system it was written for.
Graphical user interface
uses an input device such as a mouse to move around the display and issue commands to the computer system.
Operating system
keeps track of files stored on the hard drive.
Logical View
is the way a user thinks about data
Windows 7
Uses the New Technology File System (NTFS)
Windows 7
The most recent version of Windows.
Operating system is the foundatin of the Mac OS X.
Open-source software
Means users can manipulate the source code to make the OS behave differently. (Linux is this type)
An advantage to this software is its ability to run more than one operating system on a computer.
SDK (software development kit)
The Apple iPhone provides access to tens of thousands of applications provided by software developers using the iPhone ____.
A cell phone type of operating system not released to users and developers
Linux, Solaris, Novell Network
All are network operating systems
operating system is required to perform a command within a certain timeframe.
Special-purpose computer
Embedded operating systems are hardwired into a computer component, such as ROM or flash memory to controll.
Performing a system _____ rearranges your files on disk in an orderly fashin resulting in faster access.
Windows cleaners maintain the Windows ____ for more effective system operation.
Manipulating graphic images to perform a command has replaced the _____ user interface.
The Mac's powerful processing makes it a popular choice for _____.
Command-line interface, graphical user interface, desktop compatible
Features found in the Linux operating system.
Virtual servers
One physical server can run several server operating systems through the use of...
An industrial operating system works with a large computer system requiring a ______.
PIM (Personal Information Management)
Managing your personal information on you computer with this software.
Goodgle Docs, classified as _____, allows multiple users to share and edit a common document from different locations over the Web
Access, OneNote, Communicator
Some of the various editions of Microsoft Office are:
Is a free, open-source productivity suite.
Productivity Software package
Usually includes document production, numerical analysis, information management, and graphics.
Zoho Writer, Apple Pages, Google Docs
are word processors
Spreadsheet software, such as _____ 2010, is excellent for making complicated calculations, creating "what-if"scenarios, and creating graphs.
Cell _____ is found in column D and row 10
Presentation software enhances a lecture through the use of _____.
With presentation software, you can select a _____ for a type of presentation.
DBMS (database management system)
The _____ is a program that lets one or more computer users create and access data in a database.
FileMaker, MySQL, Oracle Database
Can be used to store large collections of information.
Microsoft Outlook
A popular PIM software for business and personal use.
Calendars, Contact list, to-do software
Are typical features of PIM software.
Connection to the Internet
The difference between a cell phone and a smart phone.
Through the use of ______ , your cell phone can become a tracking device.
Google calendar, SlideRocket, Zoho applications
Are evidence of the power of RIAs.
cloud computing
RIAs depend mostly on technology such as _____ to deliver applications.
A typical computer comes with many software applications _____.
A common storage device for personal computer
Review before installing software from the web.
Software bugs
consist of one or more defects or problems that prevent the software from working as intended or working at all.
operating system
oversees the removal of software progrmas on a computer.
To remove software in Mac OS, drag the program icon from the _____ window to the trash can.
software patches
A software company will release _____ to fix software bugs or reported problems.