20 terms

Ir + a + infinitive

Learn how to talk about what you and others are going to do in the future.

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I am going to study.
Yo voy a estudiar.
You are going to drink a soda.
Tu vas a beber un refresco.
He is going to ride his bike.
Él va a montar en bicicleta.
She is going to sing.
Ella va a cantar.
They (masc.) are going to work in the library.
Ellos van a trabajar en la biblioteca.
They (fem.) are going to dance.
Ellas van a bailar.
We are going to go shopping.
Nosotros vamos a ir de compras.
She is going to watch a movie.
Ella va a ver una película.
You all are going to use the computer.
Uds. van a usar la computadora.
You all are going to walk in the park.
Uds. van a caminar en el parque.
I'm going to be healthy.
Voy a ser saludable.
She is going to play the guitar.
Ella va a tocar la guitarra.
We (masc.) are going to practice sports today.
Nosotros vamos a practicar deportes hoy.
I'm going to eat in the restaurant.
Yo voy a comer en el restaurante.
I'm going to eat with my friends.
Yo voy a comer con mis amigos.
I'm going to eat at 12:00.
Yo voy a comer a las doce.
We are going to talk on the phone.
Vamos a hablar por teléfono.
She is going to study a lot for spanish class.
Ella va a estudiar mucho para la clase de español.
You are going to see a movie at the movie theater.
Tú vas a ver una película en el cine.
We (masc.) are going to read books.
Nosotros vamos a leer libros.