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Formula Bar

Appears directly below the toolbar in the worksheet; displays a formula when the cell of a worksheet contains a calculated value.

Status Bar

displays information about the current document

Name Box

displays the active cell address


an excel file with one or more worksheets


the workspace made up of columns and rows where you enter data to create an electronic spreadsheet


The intersection of a row and a column

Fill Color

the background of the cell

Text Color

color that the text appears in in a cell


a line that indicates a boundary of a cell or range


appears vertically in a worksheet and is identified by letters at the top of the worksheet window

Column Heading

a column letter above the grid that identifies each column


appears horizontally in a worksheet and is identified by numbers on the left side of the worksheet window

Row Heading

a number at the far-left side of a row that can be clicked to select the entire row of cells

Cell Label

ability to use name box to name a range of cells/cell

Cell Value

what is typed into a cell-contained with in

Cell Format

Allows someone to change a cell's appearance; alignment, font, border, patterns, etc. as well as its numerical type; number, text, currency, percentage, etc.

Merge Cells

Takes two or more cells and combines them into one.

Insert Row/Column

Placing a new, blank row or column in the spreadsheet.

Cell Alignment

the position in which text is placed within a cell


a predictable list of sequential numbers, dates, times, or text

Fill Handle

this is the name of the small black square that displays in the bottom right corner of the active cell

Selection Tool

thick white cross

Move Tool

used to place a selection in a new location


a function that automatically adds selected cells


a condition that data must meet to be included in a selection - a way of limiting data in a list


To arrange data in alphabetical or numerical order.

Cell Reference

The column letter and the row number. Example: B12

Relative Reference

An adjustable/changeable cell reference

Absolute Reference

cell refernence that points to a specific cell and does not change when copied ($B$4)

Insert Function

A toolbar button that displays functions by category that will assist you in writing the formula.


a graphic representation of values used to identify trends and contrasts in data


A visual representation of data to help readers better understand relationships among data

Freeze Panes

allows the user to select specific rows or columns that remain visible when scrolling in the worksheet

Page Break Preview

displays the location of the different page breaks within the worksheet


describes the direction of the page or the paper you will print on (landscape or portrait)

Drilling Technique

Taking the content from one sheet and pasting it to multiple sheets at one time.


Statements in a formula that can be evaluated as true or false, and then return an appropriate value if true, and another value if false.


Parameters added to a function that help in evaluating data, or performing calculations

Active Cell

Highlighted worksheet cell that is ready for data entry


change the size of


to choose or highlight a row, column, cell or range

Unhide Row Tool

Select Row

Highlight an entire row

Select Column

Highlight an entire column

Collapse Arguments

Allows you to shrink the function dialogue box in order to choose cells for your function.

Expand Arguments

Allows you to expand the function dialogue box in order to adjust the arguments in your function.

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