5 terms

Chpt 15: Diagnostic terms not built from word parts

computed tomography of the brain (CT scan)
process that includes the use of a computer to produce a series of images of the tissues of the brain at any desires depth
magnetic resonance imaging of the brain (MRI scan)
a noninvasive technique that produces cross sectional and sagittal images of soft tissues of the brain by magnetic waves
positron emission tomography of the brain (PET scan)
an imaging technique with a radioactive substance that permits viewing a slice of teh brain to examine blood flow and metabolic activity
evoked potential studies (EP studies)
a group of diagnostic tests that measure changes and responses in brain waves elicited by visual, auditory, or somatosensory stimuli
lumbar puncture (LP)
insertion of a needle into the subarachnoid space usually between the third and fourth lumbar vertebrae