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English- Synonyms/Antonyms For Vocab. Unit #1


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Antonyms for Admonish
Praise, Pat on the back
Synonyms for Admonish
Reprimand, Call on the carpet
Antonyms for Breach
Close, Seal
Antonyms for Circumspect
Incautious, Rash, Reckless, Heedless
Synonyms for Circumspect
Wary, Prudent, Guarded
Synonyms for Commandeer
Take over requisition, Expropriate
Antonyms for Cumbersome
Manageable, Easy to handle
Synonyms for Cumbersome
Ponderous, Difficult, Uncomfortable
Antonyms for Deadlock
Agreement, Accord, Breakthrough
Synonyms for Deadlock
Standoff, Impasse
Synonyms for Debris
Remains, Detritus, Flotsam and jetsam
Antonyms for Diffuse
Concentrate, Brief, Concise, Succinct
Synonyms for Diffuse
Disperse, Verbose, Prolix
Antonyms for Dilemma
Synonyms for Dilemma
Predicament, Quandary, Pickle, Bind
Synonyms for Efface
Blot out, Erase, Expunge
Antonyms for Muddle
Orderliness, Neatness
Synonyms for Muddle
Jumble, Mess up, Confusion, Disorder
Antonyms for Opinionated
Open-minded, Reasonable
Synonyms for Opinionated
Obstinate, Pigheaded, Inflexible
Antonyms for Perennial
Brief, Sort-lived, Fleeting, Ephemeral
Synonyms for Perennial
Enduring, Recurring
Antonyms for Predispose
Immunize against, Shield from
Synonyms for Predispose
Tending to, Liable to
Antonyms for Relinquish
Hold on to, Keep, Cling to
Synonyms for Relinquish
Antonyms for Salvage
Abandon, Scrap, Junk
Synonyms for Salvage
Recover, Retrieve, Reclaim
Antonyms for Spasmodic
Steady, Continuous, Chronic
Synonyms for Spasmodic
Irregular, Occasional
Antonyms for Spurious
Genuine, Authentic, Bona fide, Valid
Synonyms for Spurious
False, Counterfeit, Fraudulent, Bogus
Antonyms for Unbridled
Restrained, Held in check, Muted
Synonyms for Unbridled
Unrestrained, Unchecked