PSY 121 Chapter 6 Post-Test

REM is a relatively ______ type of sleep.
A hypnic jerk is likely to occur during
non-REM Stage 1 sleep.
Nightmares are more common in children than in adults because _____.
children spend more of their sleep in the REM state
A prototype is an example of
a concept.
Examples of algorithms are
mathematical formulas.
Driving and talking on the cell phone at the same time is an example of a state of
divided consciousness.
_________ has been used as a successful defense in some murder trials.
REM behavior disorder
Trial and error is another term for
mechanical solution.
A person has entered Stage 4 sleep when delta waves account for more than ___ percent of the brain wave pattern.
Heuristics could also be called
"rules of thumb."
As we age, we seem to sleep
_______ believed that concepts become the "pegs" from which words are "hung."
A sudden loss of muscle tone is called
Research has shown brain activity in the ______ during tasks involving visual perception.
parietal lobes
The term that refers to the mental activity that takes place in the brain when a person is processing information, and includes things such as problem solving, communication, and organization of material, is
____ percent of dreams take place in REM sleep.
Which of the following is TRUE about sleepwalking?
It is at least partially due to heredity.
According to linguist Noam Chomsky, a language acquisition device
is an innate human ability to understand and produce language.
An example of a biological rhythm is
the beat of the heart.
Theodora suffers from an inability to get to sleep, and then to stay asleep. Which of the following would help Theodora with her insomnia?
going to bed and getting up on a regular schedule
Abby's new puppy cries each night when left in her crate. When Abby picks up the puppy and holds her to her chest the puppy stops crying and falls asleep. However, after she puts the puppy back in the crate the crying begins again. After a few nights, Abby suddenly realizes that her heartbeat is helping the dog fall asleep. She places a ticking clock next to the crate and the puppy goes right to sleep at night. Abby's realization is an example of
Niles has begun to fall asleep suddenly during the day, sometimes in inappropriate places. Niles is most likely suffering from
Which of the following images is the most subordinate concept?
When a person, while solving a problem, is hesitant or unable to think beyond solutions that have worked in the past, he or she is stuck in
a mental set
Language allows people to ______ and _______.
communicate with one another; represent their own mental activity