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History Story 65

Along the Coast of East Africa
Explorers from this country wanted to find an end to the continent of Africa to reach India and China
One of the kingdoms of East Africa
king of Benin
masks, carvings, statues
cultural artifacts of Benin
East African empire south of Benin
Vasco da Gama
explorer who sailed up the east coast of Africa and found wonderful cities
Ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians
These people traded ivory, tortoise shell, and coconut oil in the cities of East Africa long before the arrival of the Europeans
Arab traders
These people visited the cities of East AFrica during the first thousand years after Christ
language developed from the mixture of Arab & African languages
Ibn Battuta
famous Arab traveler to East Africa in 1300, traveled 25 years, wrote about his travels like Marco Polo, but in Arabic
Mecca, southern Russia, Persia, India, Indonesia, Africa, China
places visited by Ibn Battuta
Persia, India, China
countries that traded with Muslim cities in East Africa
gold, iron, ivory
East African things that were traded with silks, glassware, and tools
an unusual gift sent by the city of Malindi to the emperor of China
prosperous and peaceful
how you could describe these East African cities before the arrival of Europeans
attacked the East African cities so they could control the trading routes
one of the cities that were destroyed
stop mining gold, close the ports, and become farmers
plan of the East African cities to stop the Portugese