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n. A feeling of agreement or harmony; a formal agreement.


v. To declare positively.


v. 1.To pass onto others. 2. To leave to another in one's will.


n. A fortress on a hill; a stronghold.


v. 1. To grant or bestow. 2. To consult.


n. 1. A successful action that brings about a striking change. 2. The overthrow of a government, especially by a group that has military or political power.


n. A person who holds a high rank or position of honor.


v. To involve in an argument or conflict.


n. An extended period of time marked by a series of related events.


adj. Free from fault or flaw; perfect.


v. To establish, organize, or put into effect; to begin. (n) An organization set up to promote education or a particular cause.


n. The male founder or ruler of a family or tribe.


n. A feeling of harmonious connection between two people or groups of people.


v. To give up a right to, abandon; reject.


n. 1. The art of using language skillfully. 2. Exaggerated or insincere language that is without real meaning or worth.

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