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Leadership & Conflict Management

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1. Aggressive Personality
If the aggressive personality was an animal, the animal would be pictured as a bull .
The aggressive personality is a dominant profile. This person is results oriented and, therefore, looks for the bottom line, expects you to get straight to the point. The aggressive person seeks to control negotiation, but
does not like being controlled. This person is usually fast-paced and quick to make a decision.
2. Analytical Personality
If the analytical personality was an animal, the animal would be an owl.
The person with this profile is very analytical, detail-oriented, and logical. This profile is the person who always balances his/her checkbook to the penny. He/she favors the full disclosure of all details , and is very unforgiving of mistakes, whether yours or theirs. This person is very time conscious and is rarely late for meetings. The analytical profile is very practical, and does not appreciate over excitement or emotionalism. He/she likes appreciates solitude and therefore is not uncomfortable being alone. The analytical person likes order and is usually a neat freak. This person is slow to make a decision because of the time required to thoroughly analyze a situation. But once the decision is made.
3. Passive Personality
If the passive personality was an animal it would be a lamb. This person seeks to please people. The desire to please often results in this person avoiding conflict. The person with this profile takes a long time to make up their mine and will often change his/her mine.
4. Playful Personality
The playful personality is best characterized by a tiger. The person with this personality profile is very expressive and fun-loving, but can be messy and extremely impulsive to the point of making decisions without thinking of future repercussions. The person with this profile is excitable and fun to be with, usually the life of the party. Will often speak without thinking, and therefore can be the cause of conflict. Not into details, fast paced and often late for appointments, loves recognition, and is highly emotional. Prestige and status are more important than security. For people with this profile social interaction is essential.