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you are supervising two work crews that work in adjacent departments performing nearly the same task. you decide to create a competitive situation between them as a means of increasing productivity and performance. hopefully you realize that:

conflict may emerge and hostile and aggressive behaviors may be disruptive.

according to the discussion of conflict offered in the text, conflict cannot be:


one occasion in which managers should work to stimulate conflict is when:

the group suffers from group think

two machines operators disagree over the cause of an equipment breakdown. this conflict is based on differences in:


conflict that occurs between teams in an organization is referred to as:

intergroup conflict

to avoid dysfunctional conflicts in virtual teams, a manager should:

make sure their tasks fit their methods of interacting

when one's values conflict with his/er job demands, this is ____________ conflict


when a child gets sick at school, the parent often must leave work to care for the child. this would be an example of:

interrole conflict

person-role conflicts typically stem from differences in ________ between the focal person and the organization or work group.


middle managers frequently are caught in a power squeeze, this conflict takes the form of

role conflict

the behavioral tendencies associated with an equal versus equal power relationship is:

the tendency to compete

when a person continually responds with pessimism to attempts at solving a problem, he/she is displaying:


two of your employees are having a disagreement over the scheduling of a production run, an appropriate way to resolve this conflict is:

confront or negotiate with the parties

disagreements over wages and working conditions between a union and an employer are usually resolved through


a negotiation approach where each party seeks to maximize its resources is called

disruptive bargaining

in research on styles of conflict management, the _______ style was the least effective


which of the following styles of conflict management results in both parties (persons or groups) to the dispute giving something up to reach an understanding


the basic building blocks of an organization are


the process of connecting jobs and departments into a coordinated, cohesive whole is known as


job enlargement was developed to overcome the problem of

boredom associated with scientific management approach to jobs

which of the following is an argument used to support the standardized job approach of scientific management in the early days of the american industrial revolution

simplifying work allowed workers of diverse ethnic backgrounds to work together

job rotation and cross training are variations of

job enlargement

the job design method aimed at increasing the motivational factors in a job are called

job enrichment

a significant difference between job enlargement and job enrichment is that

enrichment vertically loads a job whereas enlargement horizontally loads a job.

selecting the textbooks, formulating course objectives, specifying course requirements, determining instructional methods, preparing exams, and evaluating student performance provide the college professor with


a key moderating influence in the job characteristic model is

growth need strength

people whose jobs are high on the five core dimensions are generally

more motivated, more satisfied, and more productive than others

an analysis of medical claims at chaparral steel co. identified lower back problems as the most common problem experienced by steelworkers and managers alike. the interdisciplinary approach most appropriate for this problem would be


employees may experience technostress when

electronic performance monitoring is used

when a nursing supervisor failed to check the admin of all medications for the nurses she was supervising, the result was a near fatality b/c a patient was not given the required medication by a charge nurse. the nursing supervisor exhibited what kind of role behavior in believing she could simply trust the nurses and did not have to do a double check their actions?

counter-role behavior

the process of constructing and adjusting an organization's structure to achieve its goals is

organizational design

the process of breaking organizational goals into tasks and dividing work is


the degree of differentiation most affected by employees specialized knowledge, education, or training is

horizontal differentiation

lawrence and lorsch suggested that an organization's complexity should mirror

the complexity of the environment

the process of coordinating the different parts of an organization is


the strongest method of horizontal integration is through


the extent to which work activities are defined and routinely performed the same way is known as


which of the following departments would possibly have the most flexible structure

research and development

a tall hierarchy of authority is usually associated with


when examining the relationship between size and basic design dimensions, small organizations have more _______ than large organizations


for an organization to take advantage of its larger size into the 21st century , it must become

centerless with a global core

a mechanic structure is most reflected when

formalization is high, specialization is high, and centralization is high

which of the following competitive or market environments would be considered relatively stable

can manufacturing?

an organization that faces considerable environmental uncertainty and rapid change is more likely to be successful with

an organic structure

a business organization that continuously faces an environment of considerable uncertainty is more likely to pursue a strategy and set of goals characterized by


an organization pursing a market differentiation strategy should have structural characteristics that include

moderate to high complexity and moderate centralization

a temp set of organizations designed to come together swiftly to exploit an apparent market opportunity is called a

virtual organization

organizational culture is most rooted in which of the following fields of study


when a corporate president is the first employee to give blood during a corporate blood drive, this is an example

person enactment

when southewestern bell emphasizes the importance of management training by kicking off classes using a high-ranking executive and has a graduation ceremony when classes are completed, they have utilized:

a rite of renewal and rite of passage

which of the following has been argued to be the most effective way to reinforce values


the comment from a long service employee in a recent hire, "thats the way we do it here" is an example of a


a corporate logo

is a symbol

the strong culture perspective states that organizations with strong cultures

performs better than other organizations

the fit perspective is useful in explaining

short term performance

an adaptive organizational culture is one that

encourages confidence and risk taking among employees

compatibility of individual and organizational value systems is known as


the two key concerns in the anticipatory socialization stage are

realism and congruence

the underlying dimensions of the kilmann saxton culture gap survey are

changing org. culture best way to asset

changing an organization's culture is difficult because

assumptions are deeply ingrained, even below consciousness

an example of the subjective element of a career is

your perception of potential in a chosen occupation

a one time interaction in which money is paid to a commodity is a

discrete exchange

when examining career stages, levinson has recommended that because work and life are inseparable, you should also take into account

life stages

according to levinson, an important personal life transition that includes beginning to separate from ones parents and become less emotionally and financially dependent occurs during the career:

establishment stage

the aspect of psychological contracting concerned with empathy, caring, and esteem may require what type of support for the newcomer?


the person who most typically provides evaluate feedback to the newcomer employee is

an immediate superior

reality shock typically occurs during which stage in the adjustment of a newcomer to an organization


the change and acquisition stage of organizational socialization occurs during the ________ career stage


organizations should tie the newcomers rewards as explicitly as possible to performance during which stage of the adjustment to a new organization

change and acquisition

individuals reassess their goals and feel the need to make changes in their career dreams during which stages of the career stage model


a network group and quad system is

used to facilitate the mentoring of minorities

the most common work-home conflict develops b/c of

family member illness

self-perceived talents, motives, and values that guide an individual's career decisions are called:

career anchors

an example of an internal force for change is

an increased grievance rate

which of the following statements best reflects the scholarly position on the proper pace of change for organizations

EI has been found to be important in many cultures

an internally initiated change can frequently stall or even be rendered unsuccessful because of

organizational politics

fear of loss and the unknown are

reasons why individuals resist change

the managerial intervention most appropriate for the disorientation reaction to change is:

explanation and planning

disengagement involves:

psychological withdrawal

in lewin's force field analysis technique, the status quo can be viewed as a/an:

state of equiliibrium

is goal oriented and is a systemic approach to planned change

organizational development

an appropriate organization development technique when the organization is large and the objective is to reach as many employees as possible is

survey feedback

a good organization development effort that can relieve role ambiguity and conflict is

management by objective

psychological contracting can be modified, improved, and clarified through:

role negotiation

a study was done comparing 2 generations the 70's and 90's, what was the conclusion?

the conclusion was that other than having more options for entertainment, the young people of 1997 were worse off in every way.

a bad credit rating can cost you over how much in additional interest over your life?


who said "the truth is that all men having power ought to be mistrusted?"

james madison

it will take you ____ years to pay off $______ if you only make the minimum payment

13, 1000



"blood, sweat, & tears"


"fire and ice"


"friendly fire"


"close and comfortable"


"gentle persuasion"




"peace and tolerance"


"gentle fun"


"sparkle and shine"


which of the following would best reflect the form of conflict between oracle and sap as described in your thinking ahead looking back feature of ch. 13

interrogationazional conflict - oracle claimed that sap made 100s of 1000s of illegal downloads & several 1000s copies of oracles software.

Real world 13.1 Cynthia Stroum ambassador to luxembourg...what form of conflict?

interpersonal conflict?

the accommodating conflict management style is one where you are concerned that the other party's goals be met but relatively unconcerned with getting your own way

two females are involved in the conflict than when the conflict is between males

groupon...what following structure strategy?

organizational or reorganizing?

mark zuckerberg...what following artifacts?


corporate leaders can greatly influence and shape organizational culture through

consistently demanding corporate values in measuring and rewarding employee performance

which of the following is most difficult to communicate and understand in socializing new employees

effective followership

the primary purpose of socialization is the transmission of

core values to new members

which of the following are skills required to be successful in todays work environment

know why you are making each job move, including both what it'll and gain for you

which of the following is an incorporate match of holland's personality types and occupations baseball player

warner cable...posting these vids

to give a realistic job preview

real world 18.1 coca cola


a participative approach to overcome resistance to change would be appropriate when:

goals are compatible by several groups resist

while lewin presents the steps to change a progressive process, recent research indicates

that these steps occur simultaneously and about freezing and unfriending their followers

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