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Describing Cities, Towns and Villages.

Goes wth Keep Writing Adaptations.
A station for boats and ships. Food and goods come into a country and leave a country through _______________.
The line where the land and the sea meet.
very high hills.
A place where things such as cars are made.
industrial city
a city with lots of factories and businesses. A place where lots of things are made and lots of energy is used.
modern buildings
towers, office blocks and houses that are not old and that are designed in a new style.
farming village
a place where lots or farmers and agricultural workers live. There are lots of farms that grow crops ( food or cotton etc)
date palm farm
a place where people buy food, especially fruit and vegetables, nuts etc.
a small castle. _________ were built to protect people from danger.
the place Muslims go to pray.
a traditional wooden boat from the Middle East.

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