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6th Grade Math Ratios

Ratios, rates, and proportions

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comparison of 2 quantities
Two or more ratios that have the same value
equivalent ratio
The form of a ratio where the 2 quantities have no common factor other than 1
simplest form
colon, fraction, the word "to"
forms of a ratio
A ratio that compares two quantities measured in different units
A rate in which the second quantity in the comparison is one unit
unit rate
a ratio out of 100
move decimal 2 places left
percent to decimal
percent as numerator and 100 as denominator
percent to fraction
Divide numerator by denominator
Fraction to Decimal
convert to a decimal and then move decimal 2 places right
fraction to pecent
move decimal 2 places right
decimal to percent
say decimal using the place value and write it over 10, 100, or 1,000
decimal to fraction
12 inches
1 foot
3 feet
1 yard
5,280 feet
1 mile
16 oz
1 lb
2 cups
1 pt
4 cups
1 qt
4 qt
1 gal
2000 lb
1 T
There are twenty girls and five boys in a class. What is the ratio of boys to girls simplified? (use a : colon)
There are six puppies, eight kittens, and four ferrets in the house. What is the simplified ratio of kittens to other animals in ":" colon form?
There are five Reeses, ten Snickers, and twenty five Milky Ways in the bag of candy. What is the simplified ratio of Snickers to other candy bars in ":" colon form.
There are six puppies, eight kittens, and four ferrets in the house. What is the simplified ratio of puppies to all animals in "/" fraction form?
A ratio is a comparison of two things
What is a ratio?
2: 4 simplified
15:18 simplified
36:45 simplified
56:64 simplified
2:7 simplified
4:9 simplified
8:1 simplified
about 2.5 cm
1 inch
about 1/2 mile
1 km
about 2 lbs.
1 kg
about 1 L.
1 quart
70 degrees F
Room Temperature Fahrenheit
98.6 degrees F
Body Temperature Fahrenheit
212 degrees F
Water Boiling Temp Fahrenheit
32 degrees F
Water Freezing Temp Fahrenheit
Around 22
Room Temperature Celcius
37 degrees
Body Temperature Celsius
100 degrees
Water Boiling Temp Celsius
0 degrees
Water Freezing Temp Celsius

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