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Literature (Midterms)

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READ ME. Due to the nature of the league and its mechanics, bashing or shaming emcees' relatives is inevitable in the battle. The league has a long history of mocking emcees' relatives during the battle. However during an undercard match between Sinio vs. Shehyee on Ahon 7 that happened on December 16, 2016. Shehyee threw disrespectful lines on Sinio's wife Bie Sarmiento during the battle, which Sinio rebutted hard by dissing the internet sensation Ann Matteo, who is the girlfriend of Shehyee, that lead to Sinio's victory in the match. Their match was uploaded on FlipTop's YouTube channel on February 2, 2017 and went viral with over five million views within four days, and some part of the clip was also uploaded and shared on Facebook. Sinio's harsh words on Ann Mateo in the second and third round of battle sparked mixed reactions and controversy especially when Ann Mateo's mother watched the video, when she threatened Sinio with a legal case. Because of this situation, many netizens bashed Shehyee for being unprofessional in the battle, he was also blamed for not explaining to his girlfriend's mother about the mechanics of league. It became a hot topic on social media. Sinio made a clarification to his fans that Ann Mateo's mother plans to sue a legal case against him and Shehyee was not to blame, and that he understood Ann Matteo's mother's point-of-view. Shehyee also made a clarifications about the allegations, he said that he helped Sinio in addressing the issue with Ann Mateo's mother. Ann Mateo has not yet formally expressed her reaction regarding the match.