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Character I.D for Killer Angels


Dead at the time of Gettysburg but used to be Lee's close friend and right hand man


spy for the Confederates (mainly for Longstreet); used to be an actor


Union general who keeps the high ground before the Battle of Gettysburg begins; resourceful and quick thinking


Confederate commanding general, loved by the South, graduated at the top of his class at West Point


From South Carolina; Lee's right hand man; defensive war tactics


Leader of the Confederate cavalry; fails to give the Confederate army info about the location of the Union army


flashy, over the top Confederate general; his charge at Gettysburg is responsible for 50% of the casualties


Confederate; Shy but patriotic, died on 3rd day of Gettysburg, good friends with Hancock


Confederate; Leads a division on the last day of Gettysburg; requests to be assigned another position when serving under Ewell


Confederate; hesitant because he has lost a leg


Union commanding general during Gettysburg; wants to retreat but the generals below him disagree


Confederate; accused of being a coward by Jackson and now feels like he needs to regain his honor by dying in battle


Sent from England to observe the war from a Confederate view; respects the Confederate generals for being gentlemen


Union; holds ground at Little Round Top by calling for a bayonet charge

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