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recorded ancestors of the Battle of Hastings. why is this important?

In the south it was important to know your ancestry and it states stuff about the battle of hasting on pg.3-4



John hale finch

Atticus brother

Scouts age during mothers death?


Scouts mom details

Was a graham from montgomery.fifteen years atticus's junior. died of heart attack. married 7 yrs

Dills real name?

charles Baker Harris

What movie had dill seen and explained numerous times?


Crazy Addie

mutilated peoples pets and chickens. drowned himself in Barkers eddy

Nathan Radley

Boo Radley's brother

Mr. Radley

Dad of boo. died an unknown death.

Tom Robinson

accused of raping mayella Ewell. shot to death 17 times at a prison while trying to escape

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