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Morale is important to managers, although it doesn't affect profits.


Human relations is the study of individual and group behavior in organizational settings.


Maslow's hierarchy lists the most basic needs people strive to fill at the top of his pyramid.


The Hawthorne studies on motivation revealed that employees respond to the attention they receive from superiors more than from changing physical work conditions.


Expectancy theory suggests that managers do not need to show employees that they can obtain things they want.


Allie wants to be warm, but she is not; she has a ____ and may be motivated to satisfy it.


TNT Incorporated recently implemented a participative management program in which it gave teams of workers more control and authority over their jobs. It is using which of the following job designs?

Job enrichment *

The birth of the study of human relations can be traced to

time and motion studies conducted by Taylor and the Gilbreths *

A work system that allows employees to choose their starting and ending times as long as they are at work during a specified core period is called


On a performance appraisal, an objective assessment is quantifiable and must take into account the work environment.


A discriminatory atmosphere can harm productivity, increase turnover, and subject a firm to costly lawsuits


Wages are based on the number of hours an employee works or the output achieved.


The document that contains an overview of a job's title, tasks, relationships with other jobs, physical and mental skills required, duties and responsibilities is referred to as a job


All of the following would be external sources for recruiting except

company websites

To avoid legal problems, before firing an employee, companies should ensure that

they have documented all problems and warnings in the employee's work records

To achieve its objectives, management may use _________, which are similar to union strikes


A specific group of consumers whose needs and wants a company focuses its marketing efforts;
A collection of individuals, groups, or organizations who share one or more characteristics and thus have relatively similar product needs and desires;
The decision processes and actions of people who purchase and use products;
A customer's subjective assessment of benefits relative to costs in determining the worth of a product;
The four marketing activities - product, price, promotion, and distribution - that the firm can control to achieve specific goals within a dynamic marketing environment

target market; market segment; buying behavior; value; marketing mix

Acme Inc, is surveying customers as to what kinds of services they would like the company to add. It is involved in the marketing function of

marketing research

The public's opinions and attitudes toward living standards, ethics, and the environment are considered

social forces

Products can be goods, services, and ideas


Consumers spend very little time planning where to buy convenience products


The best products in the world will not be successful unless companies make them available where and when consumers want to buy them


If a cosmetics company is selling eye shadow prices at $11.99 rather than $12, it is using

psychological pricing

A marketing channel includes all of the following except

secondary stakeholders

Which of the following modes of transportation is the least expensive for many products?


Many people incorrectly equate promotion with


When an airline company reacts to a plane crash with press conferences, news releases, and having company employees work with the families of survivors and victims of the crash, the company is focusing on which of the following elements?


Technology and the Internet have dramatically changed the business environment.


The phenomenal growth of digital media has provided new ways of conducting business


The Internet is not considered a distribution channel


____ are web-based journals in which writers can editorialize and interact with other Internet users


_____ is more of a professional networking site than a place to communicate with friends

Linked In

Marketing over mobile devices has been made possible largely by _____, which allow(s) users to perform a variety of functions, from playing games to comparing product prices from different stores


An estimated ____% of illegal software sharing is conducted by businesses



records, measures, and interprets financial data

If Evelyn Chang is a self-employed, state-certified accountant who provides various types of accounting services for different companies and organizations, she is probably a

certified public accountant

A forensic accountant

analyzes financial documents in search of fraudulent entries or financial misconduct

Billy Banker has to decide whether to lend the Safe Toy Company $10,000 to pay suppliers. He will

review the company's financial statements

Which of the following is the first step in the accounting cycle?

Examine source documents

The financial document that shows a company's revenue, expenses, and profits over a period of time is called a(n)

income statement

If a company is relying on borrowing and credit too extensively, this will probably be reflected in which ratio?

Debt utilization

Because the U.S. government promises that its metallic coins and paper money are legally acceptable as means of exchange for products, they are considered which type of money?


Money has all of the following characteristics except


Using commodities such as corn, livestock, or artisanal goods is not an effective means of exchange because the system lacks


Another name for a savings account is a(n)

time deposit

The Federal Reserve System was established by Congress in 1913 to

regulate the banking industry

Which of the following is not a type of pension fund

Insurance company life insurance plans

When discussing financial institutions, what is a shrinking capital base?

when the amount of debt in relation to equity increases

Cash, investments, accounts receivable, and inventory are also known as

current assets

All of the following are ways to invest idle cash for the short term except

Unsecured loans

If a boat manufacturer orders 50 units of fiberglass material and secures trade credit, promising to pay the supplier at a later date, the manufacturer will record the amount to be paid as a(n)

current asset

The ______ is the interest rate commercial bank lenders charge their best customers

prime rate

The amount of money budgeted for the purchase of long-term assets is called the

capital budget

A method of long-term financing that requires repaying funds with interest is

issuing bonds

The following are types of bonds except


________ and ________ are important measures to financial managers because they need to know how their stocks are performing compared to other stocks

Averages, indices

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