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Music Final

Musical Nationalism
national anthems, native dances, protest songs, & victory symphonies
Russian Five
wrote Russian music, free of western influence. Alexander Borodin, Ceasar Cui, Mily Balakirev, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, & Modest Musorgsky.
Pentatonic Scale
5 notes (instead of western 7) Bb, C, D, F, G.
dots above the notes, instructs players to hold note for as short as possible
Dates of Impessionism
Important Impressionistic Painters
from paris; claude Monet, auguste renoir, edgar degas, camile pissarro, & american mary cassatt.
Characteristics of Impressionistic Music
elusive & suggestive
any sounds drawn from outside the traditional western european musical experience.
poets whose aesthetic aims were in harmony with those of the impressionist painters.
music w/o tonality, w/o a key center.
Octave Displacement
avoiding a simple interval for a more distant one an octave above of below.
Stephane Mallarme
spiritual leader of the sybolists.
Tone Cluster
the simultaneous sounding of a number of pitches only a whole step or half step apart.
a vocal technique that requires the vocalist to declaim the text more than to sing it
Second Viennese School
arnold schoenberg, alban berg, anton webern. 3 composers.
Sergei Diaghilev
legendary impresario (producer) of russian opera & ballet.
Ballets Russes
russian ballets. a dance company. seergei diaghilev.
the simultaneous sounding of one triad or seventh chord with another.
2+ meters sounding simultaneously.
& movers.
style which revived balanced melodies, lighter textures, & clear forms of earlier music. specifically baroque & classical
Electronic Music
new synthesizer, a machine that creates sounds by means of electronic circuitry.
Musique Concrete
the composer works with sounds found naturally in the environment.
Chance Music
musical roulette. totally weird.
silence. John Cage.
a style of postmodern music, originating in the early 1960's, that takes a very small musical unit & repeats it over & over to form a composition.
Charles Ives
modernist, classical music, first american classical composer of any international significance, music ignored. three places in New England, putnam's camp, redding, connecticut.
Aaron Copeland
wrote Appalachian Spring [sections 1,2,7] *(Shaker hymn/folk tune), originally written as a ballet from Martha Graham.
Igor Stravinsky
composer who was born in Russia but lived in the United States after 1939 (1882-1971). ballet: the rite of spring:intro & augers of spring: dances of the adolescents.
Claude Debussy
a French composer, used symbolism in music. his works were considered to be of the Impressionist styles. He was considered the most influential French composer at the turn of the century. prelude to the afternoon of a faun.
Ellen Taaffe Zwilich
poeme electronique.
John Adams
short ride in a fast machine. terrible.