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Prehistory (early civilization)
before history was written down
Paleolithic (early civilization)
old stone age
Mesolithic (early civilization)
middle stone age
Neolithic (early civilization)
new stone age
Cro-Magnon (early civilization)
first people to cave paint
Lascaux (early civilization)
France, famous cave paintings
Venus of Willendorf (early civilization)
Austria, Ice Age woman, fertility doll
Sedentary (early civilization)
staying in one place
Fertile crescent (Mesopotamia)
Polytheism (Mesopotamia)
believe in many gods
Hammurabi (Mesopotamia)
wrote law code (Babylonian)
Gilgamesh (Mesopotamia)
wrote about quest searching for immortality (Sumerian)
"Revolving door" (Mesopotamia)
concurred over and over due to good land
Tigris/Euphrates (Mesopotamia)
Ziggurat (Mesopotamia)
rectangular stepped tower
Cuneiform (Mesopotamia)
writing used to keep records (Sumerian)
Giza (Egypt)
3 massive pyramids
Narmer (Egypt)
Pharoh, upper and lower united under one ruler
Imhotep (Egypt)
pharaoh Zoser commissions to make pyramid
Ramses ll (Egypt)
monumental building
Akhenaton (Egypt)
makes relifion monotheisitc, art should be more natural
Nefertiti (Egypt)
Akgenatons wife
Tutankhamen (Egypt)
after Akhenatons son, died at 19, tomb found by Howard carter
Hatshepsut (Egypt)
woman pharaoh
conceptual style (Egypt)
drew what they knew not what they actually saw
Mummy (Egypt)
used natron to dry out
Rosetta stone (Egypt)
Book of the dead (Egypt)
spell book for after life
Ka (Egypt)
human spirit
Crete (Aegean)
island in Greece
Knossos (Aegean)
ancient Minoan palace and surrounding city on the island of Crete
King Minos (Aegean)
first king of Crete, son of Zeus, every 9 years picked 7 boys and 7 girls to be eaten by Minotaur
Theseus (Aegean)
kills Minotaur, father: Aegeus
Cycladic Idol (Aegean)
buried with the dead
Cycladic vase (Aegean)
Troy (Aegean)
trojan war

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