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  1. the large hole at the top of a volcano formed when the roof of a volcano's magma chamber collapses
  2. a slab of volcanic rock formed when magma forces itself across rock layers
  3. the pocket beneath a volcano where magma collects
  4. the resistance of a liquid to flowing
  5. a wide, gently sloping mountain made of layers of lava and formed by quiet eruptions
  1. a shield volcano
  2. b caldera
  3. c magma chamber
  4. d dike
  5. e viscosity

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  1. geyser
  2. volcano
  3. hot spot
  4. cinder cone
  5. vent

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  1. liquid magma that reaches the surfaceviscosity


  2. any characteristic of a substance that can be observed or measured without changing the composition of the substancephysical property


  3. the expulsion of ash, cinders, bombs, and gases during an explosive volcanic eruptionpyroclastic flow


  4. a long tube through which magma moves from the magma chamber to Earth's surfacevolcano


  5. the area covered by lava as it pours out of a volcano's ventlava flow