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  1. a slow-moving type of lava that hardens to form rough chunks
  2. a slab of volcanic rock formed when magma squeezes between layers of rock
  3. the expulsion of ash, cinders, bombs, and gases during an explosive volcanic eruption
  4. the heating of underground water by magma
  5. a string of islands formed by the volcanoes along a deep-ocean trench
  1. a island arc
  2. b sill
  3. c pyroclastic flow
  4. d aa
  5. e geothermal activity

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  1. volcano
  2. Ring of Fire
  3. viscosity
  4. crater
  5. batholith

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  1. any characteristic of a substance that can be observed or measured without changing the composition of the substanceelement


  2. a fountain of water and steam that builds up pressure underground and erupts at regular intervalsgeyser


  3. a tall, cone-shaped mountain in which layers of lava alternate with layers of ash and other volcanic materialsshield volcano


  4. a wide, gently sloping mountain made of layers of lava and formed by quiet eruptionsshield volcano


  5. describes a volcano that is no longer active and is unlikely to erupt againextinct


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