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Breton - 'to have'


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am eus
I have
ac'h eus
You have (sg.)
en deus
He has
he deus
She has
hon eus
We have
hoc'h eus
You have (pl.)
o deus
They have
am boa
I had
az poa
You had (sg.)
en d(ev)oa
He had
he d(ev)oa
She had
hor boa
We had
ho poa
You had (pl.)
o d(ev)oa
They had
am bo
I will have
az po
You will have (sg.)
en d(ev)o
He will have
he d(ev)o
She will have
hor bo
We will have
ho po
You will have (pl.)
o d(ev)o
They will have