American History Chapter 2


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The _______ were a group of people who first discovered America. They landed in present day Canada. They wanted to convert everyone to Christianity
Prince Henry the Navigator
A man who built in an observatory and taught sea captains how to sail
Marco Polo
An explore who sailed to Asia and wrote about his adventures
He wrote about his adventures to Asia in his journal
What did Marco polo write about?
Italians and the Muslims
Who blocked the Mediterranean Sea?
Mediterranean sea
What body of water did the Italians and Muslims block?
Roman catholic church
What religion did King Henry take over?
What type of ships did the Portuguese use?
Ships with triangular sales that that sailed against the wind and had rudders to improve steering; used by the Portuguese
Who was the man that named in the Cape of good hope? This man also sailed to the tip of Africa and thought he was going to fall off the edge of the world
The Cape of good hope
The southernmost tip of Africa that Dias found
Vasco de Gama
Who was the first person to find an all water route to Asia?
What country wanted to find an all water route to Asia?
Where is vasco de Gama from?
They became very wealthy
What resulted in Portugal finding an all water route to asia?
Christopher Columbus
A man from Genoa Italy he thought he could sail to Asia by going west across the Atlantic ocean
Ferdinand and Isabella
What were the names of the Spanish king and queen who gave Christopher Columbus money to sail to Asia?
Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria
What were the three ship names that Christopher Columbus took to the Americas?
San Salvador
What did Columbus call the island that he originally landed on?
What was the name of the second island that Christopher Columbus visited?This is where he met Tiano
northwest passage
Line of demarcation
Boundary between Spanish and Portuguese territories in the New World
Spain and Portugal
What were the two countries that shared the line of demarcation
On the line of demarcation which side did the Spanish have?
On the line of demarcation which side did the Portuguese have
Treaty of tordesillas
A treaty between Spain and Portugal that moved the line of demarcation 800 miles west
pope alexander VI
Who administered the Treaty of tordesillas?
Amerigo Vespucci
A man with a Spanish fleet who that he had found a new world
Amerigo Vespucci
Who is America named after?
This explorer was believed to have been the first explorer to see the pacific ocean
F. Magellan
Who was the first person to circumnavigate the globe?
to travel all the way around the globe
Columbian exchange
The transfer of plants animals and diseases between the Americas and Europe
A Spanish soldier and explorer who leads military expeditions in the Americas and captures land for Spain
Hern'an Cortes
a Spanish conquistador who conquered the Aztecs
Fransisco Pizarro
a conquistador who conquered the Inca's
What was the capital city of the Aztecs?
Who was the leader of the Aztecs?
New Spain
What was the newly conquered area of the Aztecs called?
What was the newly conquered area of the Incas called?
Council of INdies
This council appointed leaders for new Spain and Peru
royal governors; actual people
area being" royaly" governed
Things that priests started to convert Native Americans to Christianity
military bases to protect towns and missions
Royal Road
This ran for hundreds of miles from New Mexico to Santa Fe to connect small towns and villages
Ponce de Leon
This man discovered the fountain of youth
Hernando De Soto
This man was a Spanish conquistador who explored the gulf coast and first explored the Mississippi river
And large farm that usually specializes in growing one kind of crop for profit
A spanish large estate or plantation
Bartelome de las casas
A Catholic priest who made friends with the Native Americans and try to convert people to Christianity
Martin Luther
a german priest who said that the Roman Catholic Church was too wealthy and abused its power
Protestant Reformation
a religious movement that began in small German towns that quickly spread to most of Europe
printing press
This allowed more people to get Bibles and form their own opinions by from the Bible
french protestants
Reformers who protested the Catholic Churchs practices
King Henry VIII
this man founded the church of England land or the anglican church and made him the head of the church
anglican church
The church of England was also known as what
Queen Elizabeth
powerful, mean queen of England who created the sea dogs.
sea Dogs
Queen Elizabeth's fleet of sailors were called
Sir Francis Drake
Very powerful English sea captain of the Seadog's
King Phillip II
The man who was the king of Spain who used Spains wealth to try and drive out the protestant
spanish armada
Large fleet of ships that was defeated by England in 1588
Northwest passage
A nonexistent path through North America that was an all water route that could make you sail from the Atlantic to Pacific ocean
John Cabot
An Italian sailor who's voyages became the basis or England's claims in North america
What European country was mostly interested in settling in Canada
fur trade
France's main interest in North America was what
Samuel de Chaplain
who founded quebec
who sailed up the St. Lawrence River and claimed Canada for France; also founded montreal
Sir Walter Raleigh
A man who received a charter to start a colony in the Americas; he started a colony in present day virginia and Roanoke
And official document that gives the person the right to establish a colony
John White
This man re settled on Roanoke and his granddaughter Virginia Daire was the first English settler to be born in America
lost colony
When JohnWhite came back from Spain three years later and went to Roanoke his colony was gone. what is this colony called now
la salle
A man who followed the Mississippi river down into the gulf of Mexico and claimed Louisiana for king Louis XIV of France
New France
What did France call there new areas in the Americas
a term commonly used to describe the people in Louisiana
the dutch
Who claimed the land between the Delaware in the Hudson rivers
New Netherland
What did the dutch call their newly claimed area
New Amsterdam
What was the dutches capital in America
Middle Passage
A voyage that brought in slaved Africans across the Atlantic Ocean to North America from the west Indies
African Disapora
The dispersion of slaves from Africa from the 1500s to the 1800s