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3rd grade SST review first page

Statue of Liberty

located in New York and has a poem on it which welcomes
immigrants to the U.S.

Mount Rushmore

Built to honor 4 presidents, George Washington, Thomas
Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln

St. Patrick's Day

celebrated on March 17 to honor Irish people

Cinco de Mayo

a holiday on celebrated on May 5 by Mexican Americans with
a fiesta, parades, and piñatas


celebrated for one week in December by African Americans with
storytelling to remind them what is important in their culture


celebrated in November by Americans to give thanks for the
things we have

Memorial Day

celebrated in May to honor service men and women who have
died in wars

Independence Day

celebrated on July 4 to recognize America's freedom from


someone who comes to live in a country from somewhere else in
the world
• Immigrants came to the U.S. for jobs, education, and freedom.
• Immigrants must take an oath of allegiance to the U.S. to become a U.S. citizen

Ellis Island in New York City

largest immigration center


a custom, or way of doing something, that is passed on by parents to
their children


the study of Earth's features


a low area that lies between mountains or hills


a landform that has steep sides and a flat top


a place with a very dry climate


a kind of weather a place has over a long period of time

Human Feature

something people have built, such as buildings, bridges,
roads, farms, or mines


a natural resource such as iron or gold


to change for a purpose, such as usefulness or survival


physical and human features that make-up a place


a natural resource, such as oil, coal, or wood, that is burned to get
energy for heat or electricity

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