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________ is the organization responsible for the Internet's domain name system and IP address allocation.


The main path, analogous to an interstate highway system, of the Internet along which data travels the fastest is known as the Internet ________.


________ protocols refers to design made public for access by any interested party.

Open system

When you access CNN or Intel's Web site you are accessing it through a ________ server.


Which protocol prepares data for transmission but has no resending capabilities?


A(n) ________ is an IP address that is assigned from an available pool of IP addresses.

dynamic address

The root DNS servers know the location of all DNS servers that contain the master listings for an entire ________.

top-level domain

Which of the following statements concerning HTML and XHTML is FALSE?

HTML and XHTML are considered server-side programs.

________ provides a methodology by which a browser can request that a program file be run instead of just being delivered to the browser.


In public-key encryption, two keys, known as ________ are created one for coding, one for decoding.

key pair

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