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PTCB Exam Quizlet

Record the quantity and lot number and return it to the manufacturer
When an investigational drug expires, you should?
Form 224
Which of the following forms is needed for pharmacy to dispense controlled substances
Generic and trade name of drug, dosage form, strength, pharmacy lot number, and expiration date.
When unit dosing a tablet, what is the necessary labeling for each unit dose label?
A smooth surface to mix ointments and creams
A glass compounding slab is used for?
The oils from your skin will dirty and alter the actual weights
When adding weights to a Class A balance, you should use tweezers because?
This means--- Add the appropriate solution to the medication to equal 100 ml
A compounding prescription says to prepare a medication and qs solution to 100ml.
Nitroglycerin patches
Which of the following drugs should not be stocked on an adult crash cart?
Administer controlled analgesics
A PCA is used to?
At room temperature
Lipids should be stored where?
Remove all outdated stock first and rotate stock, placing the longer expiration dates to the back.
When stocking shelves with new stock, you should?
Prednisone 1mg/ml suspension
Which drug is not available in the dosage form described?
Keep refrigerated; shake well before using; expiration date.
A prescription calls for amoxicillin suspension to be compounded. What auxillary label(s) will you place on the container?
Of the medications listed below, which one is a CII drug?
A new prescription is needed for each prescription refill
A CII drug can be refilled ?
This is the highest level of recall for products that could cause serious illness or may even be fatal.
When a drug is recalled and is considered a Class I, this means what?
The patient's name and medical record number.
When repackaging medications into unit dose containers, which of the listed required information does not need to be recorded in a logboook?
Within the policies and procedures manual, the requirement for pharmacists to counsel patients on medications they have not taken before is listed under which law?
The program under the FDA that allows health care professionals to report any adverse reactions is
Name, strength, dosage form, quantity, and expiration date
As new stock arrives at the pharmacy, the technician should check the following information on the stock against the invoice:
Which of the following automated systems is used specifically in hospitals to stock PAR levels of medications on nursing floors?
The drugs sent to the pharmacy were damaged in transit
A drug manufacturer is required by law to recall any product that has been found to violate any of the following guidelines except
On the bottom shelf behind cabinet doors
Where would be the "best" place to store phenol?
Grinding tablets into a fine powder in a porcelain mortar is an example of
Which drug agency is responsible for regulating medical devices?
Which of the following medications is available as an inhaler for asthma?
The topicals
Transdermal nitroglycerin would be kept in which section of the pharmacy?
Alert the pharmacist because this is a pregnancy category X
A pregnant patient arrives with a prescription for temazepam 15mg q hs. What do you do?
You should give the phone to the pharmacist
A stat order is called in by the pharmacy by a nurse in the hospital unit. What do you do?
Clean the hood starting from the back side to side, top to bottom toward the front.
What is the proper procedure for cleaning a laminar flow hood?
Which of the agencies listed below is responsible for accreditation of an institutional facility?
Ensure the safety of the workplace
The main purpose of OSHA is to?
The ingredients and specifics of all types of products
The MSDS contains what type of information?
A computer program used for dispensing medication in the pharmacy setting is referred to as?
If a pharmacy pricing formulary is the AWP plus 4.5 and the AWP is $90 for 100 tablets,what is the charge to the customer for a prescription of 30 tablets?
The cost of 100 tablets of a bottle of aspirin is $1.50. What would the dispensing charge be to yield a 50% gross profit?
What program is administered by individual states?
Drug Topics Red Book
AWP can be found in which book?
If a manufacturer's invoice totals $520.00 with the terms 2% net, what amount should be remitted if it is paid within 30 days?
The most stringent
When choosing between state and federal requirements, which take precedence?
A person who is over 65 years of age, who is disabled, or who has kidney failure would be covered by what insurance?
Online processing of a third-party claim to determine payment is called?
Stored at 2 degrees to 8 degrees Celsius (36 to 46 degrees Farhenheit)
The recommended storage temperature for unopened Xalantin is used to reduction of elevated intraocular pressure
What are the intravenous medications, which can be mixed with NS?
27 gauge
Of the needles listed which is in order from the smallest to the largest that are used in pharmacy?
Cyanocobalamin is what type of vitamin?
147.4 lbs.
A person weighing 67 kg is how many pounds?
Place against the inside of the cheek
A prescription for a buccal tablet would be labeled ____
You have added 10 times too much insulin.
An order of insulin is added to a TPN bag. The directions are to add a 100 units of insulin NPH. there anything wrong with this scenario? You draw up 10 ml of insulin, to push it into the bag.
Mannitol solution
What solution should not be stored at 10 degrees celsius?
22.5 ml
How many milliliters are contained in 1 1/2 tbsp. of liquid?
In hospitals
Nocosomial infections are found to originate in _____.
Which of the drugs listed is a schedule IV drug?
6, 2,10
If a dose of medication is to be given at 0600, 1400, and 2200, the doses are given at what times?
The amount of time it takes a chemical to be decreased by half of its strength.
The term half life refers to ______.
Preventative treatment
The term prophylaxis means____.
Of the diagnostic devices listed below, which one is used for urinalysis?
Coumadin and aspirin
Of the following drug combinations, which would be a drug-drug interaction?
0.3 mg
If nitroglycerin sl 1/200 grains was ordered, what strength would you take from the shelf to fill this order?
When a mortar and pestle is used to mix medication.
Extemporaneous compounding is when _____.
Which drug listed below is not an SSRI?
Which drug listed is an antiviral?
Which of the drugs listed is an SSRI?
The main indication for the drug triamterene/HCTZ is ______.
The main indication for the drug phenytoin is ______.
Before meals
The abbreviation ac means
The abbreviation Rx means
Which of the following drugs is an H2 antagonist?
In the eye
The drug Betagan would be used _____.
Tablets, capsules, Injectable, lotion, cream, and gel.
The drug metronidazole comes in which dosage forms?
The trade name for fluvastatin is _____.
The trade name for glyburide is ______.
Which of the books listed is related most closely to the information contained in patient package inserts?
The patient might have sensitivity to this medication as well. Notify the registered pharmacist.
If a patient is allergic to penicillin and comes in with a prescription for Keflex, what should you know?
Potassium chloride
KCI is an abbreviation for:_____.
The strength of the drug written is very high for a child. Notify the registered pharmacist.
You receive a prescription for a 5-year old patient for Cipro 500-mg tablets with instructions take 1 tab bid x 10 days. You would bring this to the attention of the pharmacist because ______.
4.8 g
The amount of hydrocortisone powder needed to prepare 8 oz of 2% hydrocortisone cream is _______.
The medication that needs to be protected from light in a special container is _____.
25 gtt/min
If the infusion rate of an IV is 1000 ml over 10 hours and the drop factor is 15 gtt/ml, what is the drops per minute?
120 drams
How many drams are in 16 oz of solution?
How many grams of drug are in 500ml of solution if it is a 40% solution?
166.7 ml 35%; 833.3 ml of 15%
How many milliliters of 35% acetic acid must be mixed with 15% acetic acid to give 1000ml of 10% acetic acid?
312.5 ml of 2%; 187.5 ml of 10%
To prepare 500 ml of a 5% dextrose solution, you must use your available stock of 2% and 10% dextrose.How much of each will you need to prepare the order?
31.2 gtt/min
You receive an order for 1500 ml of 5% dextrose over 12 hours. The drop factor is 15 gtt/ml. What will the drops be per minute on this order?
12.5 ml
An oral suspension comes in 100mg/5 ml. The doctor orders 0.25g PO tid. How many milliliters will this patient receive daily?
You have in stock gentamicin 80mg/ml 102.3 mg/day
A doctor orders gentamicin 3mg/kg/day for a 75-lb child. How many milligrams will the child receive per day?
8 ml
Using your penicillin injectable stock of 125,000 units/ml, how many milliliters will it take to prepare 1 million units?
0.4 ml
You receive an order for Demerol 20 mg IM. Your supply is Demerol 50mg/ml. How much will you draw into a syringe?
90 tablets
A doctor prescribes his patient Vasotec7.5 mg PO bid x 30 days. You have 5-mg tablets in stock. How many will it take to fill this script?
10 ml
There is an order for epinephrine 10 mg stat. How much will you draw into a syringe from a 10-ml vial of epinephrine 1:1000?
2.5 ml
You need to prepare a dose of lidocaine 500 mg with your supply, which is a 10-ml vial of 2% lidocaine. How much should you draw up into a syringe?
3 tablets daily
A prescription order for neomycin 0.75 g PO bid x 30 days is submitted. In stock you have 500-mg tablets. How many tablets will the patient use per day?
4.5g of the 0.45% NS; 50 g of 5% dextrose.
How many grams of 0.45% normal saline and 5% dextrose are in a 1-L bag of IV solution?
Which of the following drugs requires an auxillary label stating that "This drug may cause discoloration of the urine?
Which of the following drugs is not a laxative?
The Roman numeral CL is equivalent to____.
0.625 ml
You have a vial of heparin 20,000 units/ml. How many millimeters are needed for a 12,500 unit dose?
140 ml
A prescription is ordered for clindamycin suspension. You have 75mg/5ml in stock. How many millimeters are needed for a 300-mg dose for 7 days?
Syrup of ipecac is indicated for what type of result?
When insulin is added to a TPN, which type is used?
A 10-ml oral dose syringe
The type of measuring device used to measure out 2.5 ml of solution would be _____.
Take one tablet sublingual as needed.
A prescription is given to you for a medication which has the following sig: Take 1 tab sl prn. This translates to _____.
The product, strength, and dosage form
The four middle numbers of the NDC represent ______..
Proton pump inhibitor
The drug Prilosec is classified as a _______.
Do not take if you are breastfeeding.(and) Do not take with grapefruit juice.
Which auxillary label(s) would need to be attached to the drug Orap?
Of the drugs below, which one is not indicated to lower cholesterol?
Nebcin and Septra
Which of the following drugs needs to be prepared in a laminar horizontal flow hood?
If you have a 70% dextrose solution, how many grams are in 50ml of solution?
2.5 ml
You receive an order for 10mEq of magnesium sulfate to be added to a TPN. You have a 50-ml vial of 4 mEq/ml of magnesium sulfate in stock. How much do you need to inject into the TPN?
750 ml
What volume of a 2% erythromycin solution can be made from 15g of erythromycin powder?
400 ml
A prescription is written for Penicillin Vee K susp 500-mg PO qid for 10 days. What volume of a 250mg/5ml suspension will need to be dispensed to fill the order for 10 days?
Topical patch
Estraderm is available in which type of dosage form?
200 doses
How many doses of Zinacef 500-mg can be prepared from 10 gm bulk vial?
Intravenous and opthalmic
Gentamicin can be given in which forms?
Which of the drugs listed below is not a cephalosporin?
60 mg
A prescription for APAP #4 contains how much codeine?
Instill three drops into the left eye every other day.
A prescription with directions to instill iii gtts OS qod would require the label to read ______.
Which of the following agents are sympathomimetic decongestants?
Trace elements are used in the following solutions _______ and can be used when Pt can not comsume food.
Aciphex and Ventolin
A patient requests valid refills of a rabeprazole and albuterol inhaler. Which two medications should be filled?
The first time the prescription is filled.
When a prescription inhaler is dispensed, how often should a patient package insert be given to the patient?