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Psychology: Mental Health


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= a feeling of very strong worry. Ex. He has a lot of ______ about work.
= a feeling of thanks for people and things. Ex. She had a strong feeling of ______ for the people who helped her.
= when a person relaxes and tries to empty their mind of thoughts and feelings. Ex. ______ has become very popular in the U.S.
= when a doctor tells a person to take a medicine, especially a strong one. Ex. The doctor ______ some medications to help him calm down.
panic attack
= getting very nervous with sweating, rapid heart beat, etc. Ex. He had a ______ when he was in the elevator.
= a kind of personality; a person is usually very anxious or afraid. Ex. Her father was a bit ______, so it was hard to be around him.
= a kind of personality; a person who does everything that is their job or duty. Ex. She was a very ______ employee.
= a person that needs a lot of time alone to get energy and feel calm. Ex. He was very ______ and didn't usually go to parties..
= a person who gets energy from being around other people and enjoys it. Ex. She is very ______ and loves going to parties.
= the ability to understand other people's feelings. Ex. Some criminals lack ______.
= a fear of small spaces. Ex. He couldn't ride in elevators because he had ______.
= when someone always talks about themselves, doesn't think about others, and thinks that they are so wonderful and perfect.. Ex. Some actors and singers have ______ personalities.
= when a person has a fear that everyone is trying hurt them. Ex. She was very ______ and always worried that people were saying bad things about her.
= to have some kind of mental or physical problem. Ex. She ______ from an eating disorder.
to successfully control a feeling or problem that prevents you from achieving something = Ex. He was able to ______ his fear of dogs by doing therapy.
will power
= the ability to stop yourself from doing or saying something = self-control. Ex. People usually have less ______ in the evenings.
= a very strong and unreasonable fear of something. Ex. He has a ______ of high places.
an experience is so shocking and upsetting that it affects you for a long time= Ex. He had a _________ experience as a child.
= to do something to make a mental or physical problem better. Ex. They are using drugs to ________ his anxiety.
= stay away from something or someone. Ex. She tries to ________ stressful situations.
= connected to the body (the opposite of mental). Ex. Stress can cause ________ problems.
= connected to the mind (the opposite of physical) Ex. They talked about ways of having good _________ health.
= when a person has very strong feelings. Ex. He was very ________ after the death of his wife.
= very strong. Ex. He had an _________ reaction to the medicine.
= actions that people do. Ex. They noticed some strange ________ like washing his hands over and over.
= something that you feel or do because of something that has happened or been said. Ex. He had a very strong _________ when he saw a snake.
= when people with a similar problem meet to talk and help each other. Ex. Alcoholics Anonymous is a ________ group for people with alcohol problems.
= when someone has trouble with communication or having relationships with others. Ex. Their son is _________ and has trouble in social situations.
= (obsessive-compulsive disorder) a form of mental illness in which a person does the same thing again and again and cannot stop doing it, for example washing their hands many times a day. Ex. She has __________.
= a serious mental illness in which someone's thoughts and feelings are not based on what is really happening around them. Ex. The homeless man had ___________ and heard voices in his head.
= a disease that affects the brain, especially of old people, and that gradually makes it difficult to move, talk, or remember things. Ex. His father has _____________,
= an illness that affects the brain and memory, and makes you gradually lose the ability to think and behave normally. Ex. Some older people get ___________.
= a mental or physical illness which makes it hard to live a normal life. Ex. She has an eating __________.
= a kind of behavior that makes normal life impossible and usually comes from some kind of illness. Ex. He was a _________ liar.
= when people talk to each other, work together etc. Ex. It is hard for her to ________ with other children.
= to see or hear things that are not really there. Ex. After he took the drugs, he began to _________ and saw strange colors and shapes.
= when you think things are there or true but they are not. Ex. He became ________ and thought he was a superhero.
= behaving in an angry threatening way, as if you want to fight or attack someone. Ex. They were scared because the man became very __________.
= when something or someone works in the way it is supposed to. Ex. He can't _________ in everyday life or at work because of mental problems.
= to stop something from being successful or working in a normal way. Ex. His fear of germs ________ with his life.
deal with
= (2 words) to take the necessary action, especially in order to solve a problem. Ex. She is trying to _______ her feelings of anger.
= not based on clear thought or reason. Ex. He has an __________ fear of elevators.
= feelings, desires etc that are hidden in your mind and affect your behavior, but you do not know that you have them. Ex. He had a _________ desire to have closer friendships.
= to cause a reaction quickly. Ex. Just seeing a picture of a dog can _________ her fear.
= your feeling about yourself and if you think your are a good or attractive person. Ex. He is smart but has low ___________.
= when something causes such a strong feeling that you can't think clearly. Ex. The feeling of fear was __________.
= when someone kills themselves. Ex. More people commit ________ around the holidays because they feel lonely.
= to stop being angry with someone even though they have done something wrong. Ex. She felt better after _______ him.
= a strong feeling when you see beauty, power, etc and feel small. Ex. He had a feeling of _______ when he saw the huge mountains.
= wanting to help people who are hurt or suffering. Ex. She showed _______ to the homeless person.
= a book or notebook in which you write your experiences, feelings, ideas. (similar to diary) Ex. Writing in a _______ is a good way to think about your feelings.
= paying attention to things like breathing, feeling in the body, etc. Ex. Doing things like yoga helps people with _______.
= when it is hard for a person, especially a child, to concentrate and stop moving. Ex. He has ADHD = (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
= post-traumatic stress disorder = when someone has a terrible experience like being in a war and can't stop thinking about it. Ex. Many soldiers come home with ________.
stressed out
= worrying about many things. Ex. She was really ______ about her test.
= when a person is very sad and anxious a lot of the time even when nothing bad has happened. Ex. He suffers from _______.
= someone with little or no empathy and/or enjoys hurting others (similar to psychopath). Ex. He was a _______ and didn't care that he hurt a lot of people.
= when someone has very big mood swings; Ex.very happy, very sad, etc. Ex. He was ________ so we could never predict his mood.
= when you can't stop doing something. Ex. He _______ to alcohol.
= when someone tries to win money. Ex at a casino. Ex. He has a _______ problem.
= when you talk to a counselor or psychiatrist about your problems. Ex. She has _______ twice a week to help her with her depression.
= when someone very relaxed, not asleep and not fully awake. In this state, people can remember things and be given suggestions. Ex. They used _______ to treat her.
= drugs that are prescribed by a doctor. Ex. Many Americans take _______ for depression.
= a medical doctor trained in the treatment of mental illness and who can prescribe medicine. Ex. She went to a ________ to deal with her fear of dogs.
= someone who studies mental life and can do talk therapy but cannot prescribe drugs (similar to a counselor). Ex. The ___________ explained what phobias are.
= someone whose job is to help and support people with problems. Ex. The couple is going to a marriage __________.
= a mental problem when someone won't eat because they think they are fat. (Similar to bulimia but in that case people eat and throw up later). Ex. _________ is more common among girls than boys.
= very different from usual in a way that seems strange, worrying, wrong, or dangerous. Ex. She has an _________ fear of dogs.

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