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Chap 10 - Agriculture

In contrast to practitioners of agriculture, hunters and gatherers
travel frequently.
Hunters and gatherers probably began practicing agriculture because of
a combination of environmental and cultural factors.
Farming varies around the world because of ________ across space.
cultural and environmental factors
Hunting and gathering is still practiced by some societies today.
The largest use of land near the Equator is
shifting cultivation.
Subsistence agriculture is designed mainly to generate products for sale off the farm.
All but which of the following are true of commercial agriculture compared to subsistence agriculture?
output consumed on the farm
Shifting cultivation is most commonly found in which climate region?
humid low-latitude
Which of the following is a typical practice in growing rice in Asia?
all of the above
Pastoral nomads
occupy only their own territory, moving with the seasons to find forage and water.
If darker shades mean higher values, this is most likely a map of (China, India dark).
rice production.
The agricultural practice most dependent on being close to consumers is
dairy farming.
The different areas of the world where Mediterranean agriculture predominates have similar
Based on knowledge acquired previously in this course, this chart indicates that
far more people in the developing world are employed in fishing both as a percentage of that population and overall.
This figure helps to explain that for the last half century most increase in food production has come from
increasing agricultural productivity.