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What did the Southerners believe?
That they had the right to leave the union.
What did the Northerners believe?
That they had to fight to save the union.
What were the South's strengths?
Fighting the war for independence.
Knowing the countryside better than northerners.
What were the South's weaknesses?
Few factories to produce weapons and supplies.
Few railroads to move troops and supplies.
Small population to find soldiers and support war efforts.
What were the North's strengths?
Four times as many citizens than the South.
Large source of volunteers for the war.
A strong navy and a large fleet of ships.
Industry was the North's greatest resource.
What were the North's weaknesses?
Soldiers invading unfamiliar land.
Lines of supply took much longer and was open to attack.
What were the Union's plans?
To use its navy to blockade southern ports.
To cut off supplies to Southern troops.
To separate Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana from the rest of the Confederacy.
What were the Confederate's plans?
Fight a defensive war until northerners were tired of fighting.
Counted on European money and supplies to help fight the war.
What was Grant's plan for total war?
To destroy the South's ability to fight and to achieve this he ordered his generals to wage total war against the South.
Wanted the Union army to destroy the South's food, equipment and anything else they found that might be useful to the enemy.
Who did Grant defeat?
General Lee at Petersburg, VA, on April 2, 1865.
What was Lincoln's goal?
He did not want the boarder slave states to shift their loyalty to the Confederacy. To Restore the union and not to end slavery.
What was the impact of the Proclamation?
No slaves gained their freedom.
Union troops were fighting to end slavery as well as the union.
What were the African American contributions?
Volunteered to fight for the union.
Fighting in major battles against the confederates.
Border State
Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland, and Delaware.
Martial Law
Rule by the army instead of the elected government.
Union's warship that was the first ironclad that held its own in battle.
Total War
To destroy food, equipment and anything else.