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Laura Inglass

prairie schooner
a wagon covered by canvas used by pioneers for traveling west
the true storyof a person's life written by that person himself
the true story of a person's life written by another person
Laura Ingalls Wilder
author of "The Little House" books for children
Where did Laura Ingalls Wilder live?
Wisconsin - in a house built of logs
Name two states in North Central US
Wisconsin & Minnesota
Where did the Ingalls move 1st?
To the Praire
Where did the Inglass move 2nd?
To a farm in Minnesota on the banks of Plum Creek
What illness did the family get?
Scarlett Fever
Who became blind?
Laura's sister, Mary
How old was Laura when she became a teacher?
15 - she worked to send Mary to a school for the blind
Who did Laura marry?
Almanzo Wilder
What gift had Laura's mom made her at Christmas?
A rag doll named Charlotte
Why did Laura write?
So people would know what life was like in simple times