Chap 11 - Industry

20 terms by matthunter85

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The term cottage industries was used to refer to

home-based manufacturing.

Which one of the following industries was not directly impacted by the onset of the Industrial Revolution?


Which one of the following countries dominated world production of steel and textiles during the nineteenth century?

United Kingdom

This is Russia's second largest city, specializing in shipbuilding and other industries serving Russia's navy and ports in the Baltic Sea.

St. Petersburg

Which of the following countries has the world's largest supply of low-cost labor and the world's largest market for many consumer products?


Which of the following regions in the United States is the country's largest center for clothing and textile

Southern California (the Los Angeles region)

Which of the following regions in the United States is the country's second-largest furniture producer, and a major food-processing center?

The Los Angeles region

Which of the following is not generally true of an industrial location?

If the cost of transporting the product to customers exceeds the cost of transporting inputs, then the optimal plant location is as close as possible to the source of raw materials.

An industry in which the inputs weigh more than the final products is a

bulk-reducing industry.

A beverage bottling plant would be an example of the which of the following?

bulk-gaining industry

An airplane parts manufacturer adjacent to airplane manufacturing companies is an example of which of the following?

Single-market manufacturer

During the mid-nineteenth century, the U.S. steel industry concentrated around ________ in an area proximate to iron-ore and coal mines.


In the late nineteenth century, steel mills were built around all of the following except which one?


Looking at the figure, which of the following countries had the highest steel production in 1980?

United States

Looking at the figure.4, which of the following countries had the highest steel production in 2010?


Which of the following is true of plants that manufacture car parts in the United States?

They are clustered in the interior of the U.S. near their major customers, the final assembly plants.

Which of the following modes of transportation are usually reserved for speedy delivery of small-bulk, high-value packages?


Which of the following modes of transportation are usually attractive for very long distances because the cost per kilometer is very low?


Which of the following modes of transportation are most often used for short-distance delivery because they can be loaded and unloaded quickly and cheaply?


A ________ is a location where transfer among transportation modes is possible.

break-of-bulk point

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