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Characters & Quotes from La ciudad de los dioses by Luis Maria Carrero

Francisco de Alcaraz

Secretary to Cortes. Fictional character who wrote the diary which is la ciudad de los dioses. Questioned the real motives of Malinche throughout the story. Able to see the good in the Aztecs. Fell in love with Txalcae. Was killed in end by Txalcae's brother. Was looking for a new life, not just power, wealth and fame.

Hernán Cortés

Spanish conquistador who conquered the Aztec empire. Felt that because the Aztecs were pagans and he has the true religion on his side, his actions were justified.

Diego Velázquez

Governor of Cuba. Initiated expeditions to explore Mexico. Initially asked Cortés to lead an expedition to Mexico, but he wanted to retain the conquest of Aztecs for himself so he could be named governor of the new land. When Cortés left with out permission, he sent an expedition after Cortés to capture him and return him to Cuba.

Jerónimo de Aguilar

Spaniard who was part of Grijalva's expedition to Mexican coast. He was left behind and joined Cortés expedition when Cortés landed in Tabasco. His main role was to translate for the Spaniards as he had learned a bit of the indigineous languages when he was left behind. He introduced Alcaraz to Txalcae.


King of the Aztecs. Thought Cortés was the god Quetzacóatl returned to earth and welcomed Cortés with open arms. He eventually lost favor with his people when he continued to treat Cortés as a god and his people began to question this. He was eventually stoned to death by the Aztecs.


Aztec woman who befriended Alcaraz. She showed him around the city and helped him become more familiar with Aztec culture.

Auarsepec, Oaxaca, Antlixmal

Aztec high priests who began to question Cortés being a god when he "outlawed" sacrifices. Initiated the revolt against the Spaniards and Moctezuma.


Indian woman gifted to Cortés when he first arrived. She hated the Aztecs because her father, brothers and husband had been killed in a sacrifice by the Aztecs. She knew that with the arrival of the Spaniards, the Aztec civilization would come to an end and she did everything in her power to help the Spaniards conquer the Aztecs.

"Tenemos ls verdad con nosotros."


"Algo nuevo. Algo diferente al mundo que conocemos. Una vida nueva, quizás."


"Sin conquistar el país azteca! Se guarda la conquista para él!"


"Desde hoy, estas tierras son del Rey de España."


"Son demasiados hombres. No puedes matarlos a todos."


"Hace mucho tiempo que os esperamos."


"Qué hombres sois vosotros que matáis a otros hombres para beber su sangre?"


"Qué hombres sois vosotros que matáis a miles de hombres para conseguir oro?"


"La Malinche tenía razón!"


"Tan extraño te parece? Tú duermes con una india todas las noches y nadie dice palabra?


"Solo Dios sabe qué es y dónde está la verdad."


"Esta vez no quiero ir."


"Ya lo has oído. El asunto está muy claro. Tenemos que darnos prisa y ser los primeros. Sí, nosotros vamos a darles la sorpresa a ellos. Tenemos que entrar en ese lugar... y matarlos a todos! Matarlos de una vez!"


"Todo va a ser como antes. . .si dejáis a los españoles libres."


"Tú no eres nuestro rey. . .Tú solamente eres la mujer de los españoles!"


"Esta ha sido la noche más triste de mi vida. Pero por Dios que voy a volver. Esa ciudad tiene que ser mía."


"Hay algo que no puedo entender de esta mujer, algo extraño que no me gusta."


"Dios mío. Esto es sangre."



Moctezuma treated him as a son. He eventually became the king of the Aztecs after Moctezuma's death.


Spaniard who led expedition to Mexican coast and discovered Gran Cairo. Returned to Cuba with gold.

Juan de Grijalva

Spaniard who led expedition to Mexico and discovered Tabasco. He also learned about the Aztec nation.


Spaniard who was left in charge of Tenochititlán when Cortés left to confront the men sent by Velázquez. He went to the temple (with prompting by Malinche) to preempt the surprise attack the Aztecs were planning for them. Under his orders, they killed everyone in the temple.


Spaniard accused of being in Moctezuma's daughter's room. A trap set by the high priests to force Moctezuma to speak against Cortés.

Hernández de Puertocarrero

One of Cortés chiefs. Malinche was originally gifted to him by Cortés but then Cortés sent him on an errand to Spain allowing Malinche to move in with Cortés.

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