Developmental Psychology Final

Derrick delivers messages on his bike all over the busy, hilly streets of downtown San Francisco. He is engaging in what type of work?
can expect to live longer and healthier
What is true regarding the overall health and longevity of emerging adults?
Reflective; Expansive
Thinking may become more ____ and _____ with each year of college.
Friends are likely to be both male and females
Jessica is 21 years old. How is her circle of friends likely to differ from that of her mother when she was Jessica's age?
Emerging adults, ages 19-25
Which group is most likely to report having smoked cigarettes in the past 30 days?
Dualistic; relativistic
According to Perry, perspectives during college change from ____ to ____.
Stereotype threat
The fear that someone will judge your appearance or behavior negatively and confirm their prejudiced attitudes.
Recieve financial support from parents
In the US, emerging adults are less likely to live at home but are still likely to....
Intimacy vs. Isolation
Jacoby's mother had schizophrenia, and so Jacoby was raised by his grandparents. Now, at age 22, Jacoby is experiencing severe stress due to his new job and his grandfather's unexpected death. He is beginning to display symptoms of schizophrenia. What can these symptoms be explained by?
Emerging adults are most likely than high school seniors to be addicted to what?
Relativizing thinking
The ability to think about two different concepts or situations as they affect each other.
Intimacy vs. Isolation
According to Erikson, once emerging the emerging adult has established a sense of identity, they will need to resolve what crisis?
More; fewer
Today's emerging adults have ____ sexual partners and ___ babies than emerging adults only a few years ago.
Which of Sternberg's three components of love are influenced by the social context?
More likely to divorce if they marry
What is true of couples that cohabitat before marriage?
Social Context
While nature is primarily responsible for the maturity and health of the reproductive system in emerging adults, what more strongly influences birth rates and sexual activity?
continuous and discontinuous
If someone were to ask you whether or not an individual's personality remains stable from childhood through adulthood, how would you answer them?
Fluid intelligence
The ability to quickly perceive logical relationships between words.
The average age of menopause
The measure of health most important to the quality of life
The Flynn effect
Rise in average IQ over the ages.
Reading glasses
by the end of middle age, nearly everyone needs this
Vitro Fertilization
Almost half of the pregnancies result in low-birthweight twins or triplet when using this to assist reproduction.
Peaks at about 18, remains stable until the mid-20's and declines thereafter.
Women age more slowly
Gender differences in senescence indicate that .....
A term developmentalists use to mean that a person is significantly better than others at performing a certain task.
Betty is a retired registered nurse who fills in at the local hospital when the staff is in need of nurses. She is frequently called in without advance notice and must take over without any time to get oriented. Betty must rely on intelligence that Sternberg calls what?
Includes both acute and chronic illnesses.
Difficulty in performing normal activities of daily life because of a "physical, mental, or emotional condition".
Reduction in coronary heart disease
One of the effects of moderate drinking