Chatper 12

12- Crimes Against Public Order and Morals
Today, disorderly conduct crimes are most often referred to as
quanlity of life
Current disorderly conduct statutes grew out of the common law crime of
breach of the peace
Broken windows theory is concerned with which of the following?
a direct link between disorder and crime
The Model Penal Code disorderly conduct statute requires the mens rea of
At common law, the offenses of unlawful assembly and rout involved ____ or more persons.
In a careful and extensive survey of a representative sample of high- and low-crime neighborhoods in major cities what topped the list of worries among all classes, races, and ethnic groups, among both men and women?
public drinking
Laws targeting poor people's behavior, and the attitudes behind them, began to change during
the Great Depression
What theory suggests that public order crime is serious because it eventually causes more serious crimes?
broken windows
The broken windows theory was originated by
Wilson and Kelling
In what case did the U.S. Supreme Court tighten the constitutional restrictions on loitering statutes?
Kolender v. Lawson
Courts began striking down vagrancy and loitering laws because they violated what doctrine?
void for vagueness
The crime of vagrancy refers to
poor people roaming around without visible means of support
In what case did the U.S. Court struck down the Jacksonville, Florida, vagrancy ordinance, which was nearly identical to virtually every other vagrancy law in the country?
Papischristou v. City of Jacksonville
The crime of loitering refers to
standing around with no apparent purpose
Enforcing the laws regulating the behavior of homeless and other street people generates controversy because
they seem to target the poorest and weakest members of society in order to make life more convenient for those who are better off
Panhandling statutes do not apply to
organized charities that solicit donations on the street
Because begging is protected speech, attempts to regulate it must meet the requirements of which Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?
First Amendment rights are virtually unrestricted in which of the following areas?
What is the name of a temporary court order to do or to stop doing something?
a preliminary injunction
Which of the following is not a factor used by courts when testing for the validity of a time, place, and manner regulation?
the group/person making the speech
Which of the following is not an issue addressed by the "Matrix Program?"
The Constitution does not permit a legislature to set a net large enough to catch
all possible offenders
To deal with gang problems, many cities have utilized the civil remedy of an injunction to abate
In addition to criminal penalties, cities have also turned to what other remedies to control gang activity
In Morales v. Chicago, the U.S. Supreme Court held that the city's anti-gang ordinance was unconstitutional because it
In medieval times, who had power to try and punish crimes against morals?
The term "victimless crime" usually only applies to the conduct of
Which of the following is not an example of a "victimless crime"?
States can control the time, place and manner, but can not control the content of
The debate between Mill and Stephen concerns the relationship between
Currently prostitution means all contacts and penetrations as long as they're done with the intent to
end in the sex act
What type of crimes are a hot-button issue between those who believe that criminal law should enforce morality and those who believe the nonviolent behavior of competent adults is none of the law's business?
"victimless" crimes against public decency
What are disorderly conduct crimes aimed at?
bad manners
Which of the following would be guilty of the crime of promoting or soliciting prostitution?
In most states, prostitution and promoting prostitution are