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  1. entrancing
  2. recognize
  3. elimination
  4. tour
  1. a n. A getting rid of.
  2. b v. To admit the truth or accept the existence of.
  3. c adj. delightful
  4. d n. A trip or journey in which one usually returns to the starting point.

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  1. n. Height.
  2. v. 1. To put to work; to hire. 2. To keep busy or active.
  3. v. To know and remember upon seeing.
  4. adj. First in importance, time, or place.
  5. n. pl. Something that cannot be done without.

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  1. auditionv. To try out for.


  2. forsakev. To bring into being; to produce for the first time.


  3. entranceadj. delightful


  4. recognizeadj. Having new and original ideas.


  5. sentimentaladj. Most important; very necessary.