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  1. creation
  2. eliminate
  3. source
  4. engage
  5. creative
  1. a n. The act of bringing into being; something created.
  2. b n. The thing or place from which something comes.
  3. c v. To bind oneself to do something, especially to marry.
  4. d adj. Having new and original ideas.
  5. e v. To get rid of; to remove or leave out.

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  1. n. A trip or journey in which one usually returns to the starting point.
  2. adj. delightful
  3. adj. First in importance, time, or place.
  4. v. To bring into being; to produce for the first time.
  5. v. To accept and approve.

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  1. recognizev. To know and remember upon seeing.


  2. entrancev. To fill with joy or delight.


  3. recognizev. To admit the truth or accept the existence of.


  4. elevationn. The act of bringing into being; something created.


  5. auditionn. A belief, custom, or usual way of doing things, handed down within families or other groups.


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