Microbiology Exam 1 Review

The process of making mRNA from DNA is called:
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The function of a protein is dependent on its _____.ShapeUsing high temperature or extreme pH can cause a protein to unfold. We say the protein has beendenaturedWhat makes a Staphlococcus aures cell different from a Staphlococcus epidermis cell?the enzyme it produces the gene it containsWhat is a term meaning "the profile of what proteins are produced when and in what amount"Protein expressionThe term "obligate anaerobe" means that a cell:finds oxygen toxicWhen we say a cell is aerobic or fermentative, we are indicatingthe method it uses to make ATPThe step which builds a chemiosmotic gradient of protons (H+) isElectron Transport ChainThe first step for both aerobic respiration and fermentation isgylcolosisThe four macromolecules that make up cells areLipids Amino acids Carbohydrates NucleotidesIdentify which of the following is NOT a colloid: a. agar plates used to grow microorganisms b. salt water c. fluid in cells (cytoplasm) d. gelatin dessertsb. salt waterThe step which produces the most ATP isElectron Transport ChainThe double helix is a structure associated withDNAThe four elements that make up most biological molecules areHydrogen Oxygen Nitrogen CarbonThe term "facultative" means that a cellCan produce ATP with or without oxygen Can do aerobic respiration or fermentationMetabolism meansBuilding bigger molecules from subunits Breaking bigger molecules into subunitsMost types of bacterial fermentation will produce _____, which we will be able to detect in lab by pH indicators.AcidsThe term "aerobic" means that a cellUses oxygen as the ultimate electron acceptor Uses oxygen to make ATPYeast do a type of fermentation that makes bread rise because it makesCarbon dioxideLipids areChains of carbon-based groups Hydrophobic Able to contain energy in the bonds between carbons Part of phospholipidsFermentation takes place in order toMake ATP and regenerate electron carriersThe reason that salt and sugar can be used as preservatives in pickles and jellies is thatBoth change the osmotic pressure of a solution, killing many bacteriaWhich type of cells have membranes composed of phospholipids?Both prokaryotes and eukaryotesWhat can help make up the cell membrane of a eukaryote?Cholesterol Protein Glycoproteins GlycolipidsT/F Since bacteria do not have membrane-bound organelles, the reactions that occur in the eukaryotes in organelles (like aerobic respiration or photosynthesis) can't happen in bacteria.FalseWith bacterial cell division, a mother cell grows large and theDivides to create two daughter cellsProkaryotic cells haveRibosomes DNA mRNAA difference between prokaryotes and eukaryotes isProkaryotes have plasmidsWhat cell type have peptidoglycan cell walls?BacteriaT/F All bacteria can form spores.False