35 terms


Vocab from worksheets
Major Committees
Standing, Joint, Special
Majority Party
Includes all standing committees
Authorization Committee
Responsible for passing the laws that tell gov't what to do
Appropriations Committee
Committee that makes decisions about how much money the gov't will spend
How most committee members are chosen
Revenue and Budgeting
Committees that deal with raising the money that appropriating committees spend
Committees on Committees
How the Republican committee chooses their members
Steering and Policy
How the Democrat committee chooses their members
Most of the work on a bill gets done here; aid standing committees in research, hearings, markups
Simple Majority
This is what is needed in order for a bill to be passed to the other house; 218 votes
Conference Committee
If there is a conflict btwn the House & Senate version of a bill it goes here
When a president receives a bill, he can...
Sign it into law, Veto, Pocket Veto
Pocket Veto
Congress adjourns and the President has not signed a bill within 10 days
Informal committee; elect members by members
A representative elected to represent the views of their constituents, even if they disagree with
Expected to vote independently based on their own judgement
The name given to a person who is balancing both the interests of their constituency and and their own knowledge
Provision attached to a bill
Log Rolling
Mutual aid voting and trading among legislators
Discharge Committee
To pry a bill from a House standing committee with 218 votes
Both chambers must be equivalent to this in order to override a presidential veto
Illegally drawing district lines to favor a party
Speaker of the House
Most powerful role in the house; Nancy Pelosi
District 28 Rep
District 27 Rep
Discharge Petition
Vote to pry a bill out of committee in House
To talk a bill to death; to prevent movement/vote on a bill in the Senate
Powerful standing committee in the Senate
Serves as liasion between rank in file and leadership in Congress
The box where the bill gets dropped in the House before introduction
The drawing of district lines by state legislatures
Minimum number of members needed to be present to conduct business
Ways and Means
Powerful, tax and tariff standing committee in the House
Senate Restrictions
Must be 30 years old, 9 year citizen, 6 year terms
House Restrictions
Must be 25 years old, 7 year citizen, 2 year terms