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Tech in action chapter 1


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Tools gather information from sources such as emails text messages and tweets and make the info instantaneously and publicly available for use in emergencies
Crisis mapping
Enables groups of people to connect and exchange ideas
Social media
Creates digital arts
Adobe Illustrator
Analyzes computer systems together potential legal evidence is called
Computer forensics
Course management software used by universities so that students have access to class materials and communicate with others
Using the Internet to get small donations from people to start a business
All of the following are examples of in computer illiterate excepts
Knowing only how to use the computer for emails
In Medicine, 3d printing allows more stylish and inexpensive designs for
Prosthetic limbs
Working without continual direction and control
Example of using raw data to produce useful information
Netflix providing you with a list of videos you might enjoy
Replacing perceived reality with a different world
Virtual reality
Someone who is well-versed with computers to understand their capabilities
Computer literate
Provides instructions that tells a computer what to do
Process of searching huge amounts of data seeking a pattern
Data mining
Popular voice over Internet protocol service (VOIP)
Our normal sense of the world around us enhanced with digital information
Augmented reality
Gap in ease of access to technology
Digital divide
Provide solutions to physical and health related problems
Biomedical technology
QR code or ___________ codes let any piece of print host a link to online information
Quick response
Solicits online input from consumers