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Israeli and Arab Conflict


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Arabs call it "the Catastrophe" - day when Israel declared a state & British troops left region
Palestine Liberation Organization
goal was to take Palestine back from the Israelis
Yasser Arafat
leader of the PLO in 1969
prime minister
leader of Israel
No ___________ or agreement has been successful in bringing peace to the region.
Black September
Palestinian terrorist group who killed all the Israeli athletes in the Munich, Germany Olympics
Camp David Accords
Peace talks between Egypt and Israel mediated by President Carter.
Lebanon-based group supported by Syrians who have led attacks on Israel
one of the 2 Arab groups who have violently attacked Israelis; based in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
when fighting stops between 2 groups
United Nations (UN)
has helped both Israelis and Palestinians agree to end fighting, but not for long
Jimmy Carter
U.S. President who tried to work on peaceful agreement with Israel PM and Egyptian Pres.
they fled their homes during the 6-Day War; ended up in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, & Jordan

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