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SS7H2d - US Involvement in the Middle East


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small nation that needed allies to survive Iraq's attack
President George W. Bush
President during Invasion of Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom
Terrorists attack the World Trade Center in New York
Persian Gulf War (1990)
Iraq invaded Kuwait--- Iraqi Army was defeated
Invasion of Afghanistan (2001)
The search for Osama Bin Laden after 9/11
Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003)
War over suspected ties to terrorism and a search for WMD's (none were found)
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Weapons
Osama Bin Laden
Terrorist that the Taliban protected in Afghanistan and who lead the terrorist group, al-Qaeda
the use of violence by groups against civilians to achieve a political goal
Operation Desert Storm
The ground war invasion during the Persian Gulf conflict
Saddam Hussein
Iraq's dictator who wanted to control Kuwait's oil fields and have access to Persian Gulf
The U.S. found weapons of mass destruction
a group of nations that band together to recapture Kuwait
Operation Desert Storm
six week war between Iraq and American aircraft
United Nations
imposed a trade embargo when Iraq invaded Kuwait
The trade embargo prevented Iraq from exporting ___ and importing goods.
A ban on trade
Iraq had to agree to stop making these weapons in order to remove the embargo.
extremist, religious group from Afghanistan that rose to power
a muslim terrorist group formed by Osama Bin-Laden
World Trade Center
The site of the 9/11 bombings by terrorist group Al-Qaeda; U.S. considered its destruction to be an act of war
Osama bin Laden was shot & killed here after a 10 year search during a raid by the U.S. military

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