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DPublishing Standard 3


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Rough sketch used in planning a layout and design?
Mock-up of a brochure publication with folds?
On which page do you set guides, text, and graphics which will appear on every page of the publication?
Master Page
Center of interest on a page created by using color, contrast, and proportion?
Focal Point
Positioning an element in such a way that the reader's eyes are drawn to what the designer wants to emphasis?
Directional Flow
Contains elements of equal proportion or weight on the left and right sides and top and bottom of a page?
The arranging non-identical elements on both sides of a centerline on the screen.
The non-printed space of margins and gutters is called?
White Space
Technique used in publications and photos to bring emphasis to the subject as demonstrated in this photo?
Rule of Thirds
What are the four basic text alignments?
Left, Center, Right, and Justify
The red line in the graphic represents what imaginary line on which the bottom of all letters rest?
The height of the body of all lowercase indicated with the red arrow is known as?
The lowercase letter that extends above the x-height as shown here is called?
An Ascender
What are lowercase letters which fall below the baseline called?
A design element in which a letter is much larger and embedded into the surrounding text?
Drop Cap
A typeface with lines on curves extending from the ends of the letters is called.
A typeface that is straight-edged like these examples is?
Sans Serif
A set of typefaces created from the same basic font, but in different weights to add emphasis or contrast?
Type Family
A collection of all the characters of a single type design is?
The art of using fonts and font styles to produce professional publications?
What are the four basic categories of type styles?
Normal, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic
A basic measurement system used to measure the size of type, there are 72 of these to an inch?
Point Size
A traditional typographic measurement of 12 points?
How many picas in an inch?
The process of "fine-tuning" spacing by adjusting the space between a few characters?
Space between characters for selected text.