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The vertical distance between lines of types that can be adjust for copy fitting?
A feature that enables you to adjust the relative space between larger amounts of selected text?
White or lighted-colored text that appears against a darker background is called?
Reverse Type
The dots, dashes or characters that proceed text or an align tab setting are?
Opposite colors of the color wheel when used together contrast and brighten the colors used?
Complementary Colors
Colors which lie on either side of any given color?
Analogous Colors
Color model used in printing to identify a color as a percentage of the colors cyan, magenta, yellow, and black?
The color model used to display colors using projected light on computer monitors?
A pre-mixed ink that is not one of the four process-color inks?
Spot Color
To trim a graphic image?
An option that allows you to distort objects such as graphics or blocks of text for a special effect?
What is a pattern, color, or tint applied to the inside of a closed object?
The width or color of a line that can be manipulated on an object?
The ability to combine two or more objects to be one?
The option for controlling whether and how text flows around a graphic or other object?
Text Wrap
The level of transparency of an object?
The greater the number of these per inch the greater the resolution, it is the smallest discrete element of an image or picture (usually a single-colored dot)?
When a user has the one-time right to use the photo without restrictions is known as?
Royalty Free
A set of exclusive rights granted to a creator of an original work?